Video is the medium

Video is the medium is the first part of a research project initiated by NeMe which aims to collect and collate art videos by Cypriots for the Rose Goldsen Archive, Cornell University.

This one day event, consists of an open forum at the NeMe Arts Centre consisting of short talks by academics and practitioners aimed to establish a critical discussion for Cypriot media arts in general and video art in particular. There will also be a screening of a selection of videos.

To date, there are no Cypriot video archives available for public access and research. The focus of NeMe’s investigation is to examine the present environment of video technologies including their degree of outreach or inversely, restrictions, which preclude many Cypriot artists from using more interactive technological innovations, and remaining within more traditional modes of production. We hope that this open discussion will advance the importance of politically and socially engaged art which addresses the present socio-economic and political concerns. Cyprus does not have a constructive and expansive contemporary cultural agenda which could become a platform for discussion and interpretation by cultural producers. Instead, it remains for individual artists to express social concerns as a personal manifesto in search of a potential dialogue. This has resulted in disparate efforts, dislocated from a supportive cultural policy and alienated from a shared discourse.
Furthermore, the absence of a coherent well informed critical analysis of video and new technologies prevents recognition and contextualisation of this medium within the local reference and beyond.

As such, this project is an investigation to locate the conditions under which it is possible to collect, collate, archive, exhibit, speak and write about new media in Cyprus and attempts to chronicle how video and computer media have been historically used from early magnetic tapes to the more recent digital media and web applications.


Achilleas Kentonis, Andre Zivanaris, Costas Constantinides, Sherry Millner, Ernest Larsen, Evi Tselika, Marios Theophilides, Nicoleta Avgousti, Nikos Kouroussis, Yiannos Economou

Moderator: Maria Hadjiathanassiou
Camera: Natalie Kynigopoulou
Photography: Alexis Andreou