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Right Brain Problems

The group exhibition Right Brain Problems links the first European, institutional solo exhibition of Stuart Sherman with contemporary artists, which are connected to his work in various ways.


Through the Roadblocks - Stage 3

The conclusion of the “Through the roadblocks” project culminated with a conference and an exhibition in Limassol, Cyprus.


All the other lovers

one of us said: I was thinking we need to maybe do some research into pan Arabism, before films even, you have any books in mind? it would be nice if maybe diaries? or a novel, but we need some sort of lived history, no ask our fathers? would Warda be a source? I was thinking it would be nice to use pieces from other novels in our performance/text… to weave them together somehow.


From Hand to Hand Project

From Hand to Hand project is curated for NeMe’s Through the Roadblocks and takes place in France’s regional cultural centres and especially those situated in the outer suburbs of Paris which are ten times larger in population than the centre. It involves the dissemination of a specifically designed post card which requires a written or verbal response from the participant to the question What does the phrase ‘Through the Roadblocks’ mean to you?


Lemesos Documentary Film Festival 2012

This year, the 7th Lemesos International Documentary Film Festival, organised by Brave New Culture and the Cyprus Broadcasting Corporation was also in collaboration with NeMe and thematically curated as an independent parallel event to NeMe’s Through the Roadblocks project. We are very grateful to Yiangos Hadjiyiannis who accepted to allow his curation of international documentaries to be informed by the concept of NeMe’s project. It has been a pleasure sharing discussions with him regarding the content of the films and their contribution to the ongoing dialogue of experienced and perceived roadblocks.


The Ties of the Transitory

Within the framework of the two-year project Through the Roadblocks, taking place from November 2010 until December 2012 in various locations and constellations, Susanne Weiß and Lena Ziese will take a closer look, within the three-dimensional field of an exhibition, at the phenomenon of the moment. A moment is typically fleeting, bound up in a constellation and functions as a stratagem, referring, in its meaning and explication, to a translation converging into other moments. This means that a moment is also a reference to something else; it is a constellate medium, suspended in a state of inbetweenness or anticipated transfiguration.



Under the multiple readings of the title, bound presents artists from the Balkan region. Given that the issue of ever-reforming identities is constantly present in the region – where historical, racial, political, gender, artistic, ontological terms are at stake – the exhibition explores the interrelationship of participants within this reality of continuous flux, their interaction with and their attitude towards it. Artists from different starting points and backgrounds and looking towards different directions, each one with his/ her own artistic language, negotiate issues of how to define and abolish limits, divisions and restrictions, in a direct and caustic manner.


Inter Alios

People need to “belong” to groups with shared common roots with defined cultural parameters and also a collective consciousness based equally on historical facts and future objectives. This has always been fundamental for survival. The development of our abilities and expansion of our capabilities are better accommodated within the context of a protected, familiar environment. This culturally, socially and politically constructed identity is configured into a national identity through the prism of common language, religion and also through social dynamics.


Nomadism and Trans-cities

The exhibition showed work by 20 architects who investigate new relations between the territories of science, nature and fiction. The work explores complex, rich and contradictory realities of the present as a site of strange and extraordinary futures. Projects adopt machines as events and architectural spaces set to interact and generate nomadic scenarios in remote landscapes (deserts, water and islands). The work combines digital and analogue techniques that often see projects moving between digital and manually crafted images and collages several times during the composition of a drawing.


Everybody Knows this is Nowhere

Everybody Knows this is Nowhere stemmed from the desire to create a collaborative work by an artist, a curator and a filmmaker. The roles of the three collaborators – Mayssa Fattouh, Nesrine Khodr and Ghassan Salhab – became intertwined and blurred, making the designations of each somewhat obsolete, where all three turn into the main audience of the work.


Art, Culture, Memory and Trauma

A symposium on Art, Culture, Memory and Trauma took place on Thursday, March 1st, 2012 at Goldsmiths, University of London as part of the Thursday Club. The event is hosted by Prof. Janis Jefferies, Goldsmiths College and is organised in collaboration with Prof. Lanfranco Aceti, Sabanci University and NeMe, Cyprus.


Famagusta/Varosha: Damnatio Memoriae

Re-collecting City/Re-Collecting Time was launched in 2006 with the aim of preserving cultural memory – especially urban immaterial memory. In societies undergoing transition in the form of brutal capitalism, cities are going through radical and dramatic changes, often to the detriment of immaterial cultural heritage. Hence preserving urban immaterial memory is of vital importance for their continuity.


Through the Roadblocks - Stage 1

Through the Roadblocks is a three year project without a principal curator, there is no status privilege of sole authorship. It is a project of many curators, artists and theoreticians, and it is the contribution of all of you which will define its developing stages and final outcome. Because of this structure, TTR will undoubtedly explore a more complex relationship between theoreticians, curators and artists who will present a network of different methodologies, technologies, motivations and approaches. We feel confident that this project will be able to also contribute to the current debate of art, in its broader sense, as a tool to provoke serious reflection and concern beyond geopolitical agendas and preconditions set by mainstream art proposals.

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