reality distortion field

reality distortion field was an one hour, ad hoc improvised live coding performance event by speakers at the SMC2018 presented at the NeMe Arts Centre:

  • Jeffrey Morris: Max MSP Jitter
  • Andreas Weixler: Max MSP
  • Iannis Zannos: Super Collider

We would like you to watch this NeMe produced video, presenting excerpts from a live coding performance by Iannis Zannos, Andreas Weixler, and Jeffrey Morris uploaded on
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After the performance, a recording of new music by Dave Gedosh was informally introduced to the audience.


Video: Sakari Laurila & Emilia Rüf
Photography: Emilia Rüf

Special Thanks

Yiannis Christidis, Sakari Laurila, and Emilia Rüf