Remaking Cosmopolitanism

Celebrating World Art Day on Friday 15th April, 2016, NeMe presents the video talk by author and artist George Alexander, entitled Remaking Cosmopolitanism.

Alexander discusses the intercultural influences of migration including intercultural identity and marginalisation. He takes on a dialectical perspective by examining personal experiences and the larger social, historical, economic, and political contexts in which these transitions occur and how these influences are reflected in contemporary art.

In context to the numerous conflicts around the world and what is currently happening in Europe, Remaking Cosmopolitanism, made in 2008, remains a vital voice. The large transition of politically displaced people presents complex issues for intercultural communication which have unfortunately highlighted severe cultural fluctuations in the relationships between countries that receive refugees.

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George Alexander lives and works in Sydney, Australia. He has worked as Coordinator of Contemporary Programs at the Art Gallery of New South Wales for 12 years and is now a lecturer at the National Art School, NSW University . He is the Australian editor of ArtAsiaPacific (Hong Kong/NYC). As well as writing widely in the art world (he has been published in Germany, France, Spain and United States), he is also an award-winning novelist. His novel, Slow Burn was published by the University of Western Australia Press in 2009 and his illustrated book, The Whole Paella, was published by Fez Press, 2015.