The Ties of the Transitory

Through the Roadblocks – Heidelberg: A Collection of Brief Moments between Media, Dimensions and States of Being

Within the framework of the two-year project Through the Roadblocks, taking place from November 2010 until December 2012 in various locations and constellations, Susanne Weiß and Lena Ziese will take a closer look, within the three-dimensional field of an exhibition, at the phenomenon of the moment. A moment is typically fleeting, bound up in a constellation and functions as a stratagem, referring, in its meaning and explication, to a translation converging into other moments. This means that a moment is also a reference to something else; it is a constellate medium, suspended in a state of inbetweenness or anticipated transfiguration.

Moments are “infra-medial,” beneath media, and thus stand in opposition to inertia and cohesion. It was the artist Marcel Duchamp who, with his expression ‘infra-mince’, reminded us of the tissuethinness, the superfineness and ambiguity of categorical distinctions such as those between cause and effect, identity and difference, reality and possibility, original and iteration, affirmation and parody, self and other. Infra-mince thus becomes a logically indeterminable difference between two moments, which are no longer subject to the “either/or” of a dyadic logic. In the same spirit, the philosopher Paul Virilio speaks in The Aesthetics of Disappearance of the “infra-ordinary” to describe the way familiar things transform into the unfamiliar in Magritte’s paintings: “to look at what you wouldn’t look at, to hear what you wouldn’t listen to, to be attentive to the banal.“1see Michael Wetzel. Duchamp described the inframince as the warmth of a subway seat, left behind by a person who has just vacated it. Or the smell of tobacco smoke, which also smells of the mouth from which it comes. The possible, encompassing the incipient, or, the thought that arises when the interplay of the senses comes to mind.2Marcel Duchamp, Notes. Arranged and translated by Paul Matisse, G.K. Hall, Boston, 1983.

The exhibition will investigate the functions of a moment in the location of between two points in time, that illusive interval. Questioning such issues as functions of limited temporality and which form a moment can adapt and which necessity does a moment have for its larger contexts? What perspectives arise when we systematically focus on what lies between – or, similarly, to the periphery? How can one structure an exhibition that reflects upon the state of inbetweenness and how can this structure be a reference point for the translation processes that took place beforehand? In which style and constellations can the moments appear, what does a transient format possibly look like? Which ties are obvious, which are hidden? Is it possible to develop inbetween typologies or is it more about acting beyond these possible structures?

The context of the international exhibition project Through the Roadblocks, launched in anticipation of Cyprus’s presidency of the Council of the EU, serves as an opportunity to metaphorically capture fleeting transgressions of boundaries. The nature of the project allows for a polyvocality whose form is intended to reveal the varying ways moments are perceived. The exhibition we take place at Heidelberger Kunstverein from April 19 to June 16, 2013.


Lena Zeise, Susanne Weiß, Yiannis Colakides, Helene Black, Dr Antonis Danos, Sonja Hempel, Nicola Carpenter

Curators: Susanne Weiß, Lena Ziese


  1. see Michael Wetzel
  2. Marcel Duchamp, Notes. Arranged and translated by Paul Matisse, G.K. Hall, Boston, 1983.