Hybrid City 2015


Data to the People

Hybrid City is an international biennial event dedicated to exploring the emergent character of the city and the potential transformative shift of the urban condition, as a result of ongoing developments in information and communication technologies (ICTs) and of their integration in the urban physical context. It aims to promote dialogue and knowledge exchange among experts drawn from academia, as well as researchers, artists, designers, advocates, stakeholders and decision makers, actively involved in addressing questions on the nature of the technologically mediated urban activity and experience.

Hybrid City Conference 2015 in Athens, Greece consisted of three days of paper presentations, panel discussions, workshops and satellite events, under the theme Data to the People. The events are organized by the University Research Institute of Applied Communication (URIAC), in collaboration with New Technologies Laboratory, of the Faculty of Communication and Media Studies, of the University of Athens. The main venue of the conference is the central, historic building of the University of Athens, while workshops, projects’ presentations and parallel events will take place in other University venues and collaborating centers and institutions, in the center of Athens

NeMe has presented a paper by Iannis Zannos, Yiannis Colakides and Yiannis Christidis exploring the theoretical technical aspects of Two Worlds, a project exhibited at NeMe Arts Centre in November 2015.