Monitorial Citizen: the ordinary witness

On Saturday, 9th December 2017 at 6:30pm, NeMe, invites you to the conference Monitorial Citizen: the ordinary witness. The conference will be moderated by Corina Demetriou and will discuss a number of pertinent issues related to the high level of engagement on the web by ordinary citizens.


Community Media, Community Art Production And Democratic Knowledge

Within the framework of Respublika! A Cypriot community media arts festival curated by Prof. Dr. Nico Carpentier and the current exhibition Open Community – Open Networks featuring the collaborative works of Christoph Wachter and Mathias Jud DE/CH, NeMe is pleased to invite you to the seminar COMMUNITY MEDIA, COMMUNITY ART PRODUCTION AND DEMOCRATIC KNOWLEDGE.


Open Community - Open Networks

NeMe and Respublika!, A Cypriot community media arts festival curator, Nico Carpentier are pleased to invite you to the Artists’ talk and opening of the exhibition Open Community – Open Networks featuring the work of international artists Christoph Wachter and Mathias Jud (DE/CH).


My name is Janez Jansa

A name. Everybody has one. In the documentary, individuals, artists and academics from all over the world share their thoughts about the meaning and purpose of one’s name from both private and public perspectives. The problem of homonymy and other reasons for changing one’s name are explored as the film draws references from history, popular culture and individual experiences, leading us to the case of a name change that caused a stir in the small country of Slovenia and beyond.


Tools for the Next Revolution

The workshop explores the possibilities of expression in the communication society and uncovers the narratives and power structures behind it. Participants will create their own Internet independent Wifi communication network, learn how to use it and how to extend the range of Wifi-networks with self-built antennas.


Phenomenological Lightworks

On 30 September 2017, NeMe invites you to the opening of Phenomenological lightworks, an exhibition focusing on cameraless photography.


State Machines

At this critical juncture for debates on nationalism, freedom of movement, borders and law, we are delighted to announce a new EU Culture Fund Cooperation project: State Machines – Art, Work, and Identity in an Age of Planetary-Scale Computation.


"..." an archeology of silence in the digital age

In an era when connectivity is taken as a given, communication is often thought of as free and boundless. As network infrastructures increasingly disappear into the environment, to always be in touch has come to be felt as natural. Posts, chats, comments and multiple instant reactions shape an image of a space where communication is immediate, vivid and often noisy.


Blockchain Art Commission

Call for Proposals from Furtherfield and NEoN Digital Arts Festival.

While archaeology has often understood cultures through excavations of hoards and coins, what will today’s digital currencies tell future archaeologists about the way we live and trade?


Drawing with Light - call for participants

NeMe with the Semiotics and Visual Communications Lab of the Cyprus University of Technology and the Cyprus Photographic Society (Limassol Branch) are launching this open call for workshops participants from the arts, design, technology, other disciplines, and the general public.

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