Illuminated Night Ride

The Illuminated Night Ride grasps one of the most habitual activities of a citizen – the act of taking a walk through the city centre after a working day, studying or taking care of family members. The project aims to radically lower the barrier of participation in media through this experiment, so that the walker does not need to go to a radio studio, nor does s/he have to arrange an interview with a journalist to take part in the co-creation of a story that is distributed. Instead, MYCYradio creates a mobile space of participation that connects some of the historical paths of Nicosia with day-to-day life of the people in the buffer zone.

MYCYradio, a multilingual web community radio station, based in Nicosia’s buffer zone, performs the Illuminated Night Ride. The project consists out of the installation and incorporation of audio and light systems on bicycles used during the ride. This creates an illumination spectacle in the old town’s night. The light systems installed on the bicycles are connected to audio equipment that broadcasts audio and music segments. The light riders who participate in the pack, with (mounted) audio recorders, record the soundscape and the reactions of the public that observes and interacts with the night ride. The conversations between the riders and the public is captured.

Artists, activists and (un)organised cyclists in the old town participate in the ride and its preparation/installation along with community radio broadcasters. The event is open to members of the public. The idea of this ride combines the old town curation with activities of those organizations, where the old town stories/histories are rooted in the bicycle rides. The conversations arising from these stories among the riders and the public as well as the interactions and reactions are thereby audio-visually recorded. The captured soundscape (and the “awe” reactions, triggered by the “Illuminated Night Ride”) creates an artistic dimension that marks an intervention in the public space, in a very specific spatial context.

One of these bicycles also becomes an installation at the NeMe Arts Centre in Limassol. Moreover, a supportive preparatory training workshop is provided, not only for the radio technical aspects, but also to introduce the concept of community media and radio to the public and to instil its democratic participatory values and practices to the participants.