Community Spectradio

The project is a performance, aimed at creating an audiovisual experience, which commences from the broad theme of community radio identity. The performance’s aural aspect consists of electric guitar experimentations and electronics, while the audience is simultaneously exposed to a live video‐art composition.

Regarding the sound, an electroacoustic hue created by Yiannis Christidis’ guitar improvisations is added to fragments of radio recordings by Cut‐Radio’s producers, the community radio station of Cyprus University of Technology. These recordings consist of either unprocessed excerpts from radio shows, or already-edited sound collages, which are based on the radio station’s past broadcasts. Both radio sound categories create a first layer, to which the percussive sounds, deriving from the guitar’s electronics, combined with the sounds of iron and glass objects on the strings, are added, creating a particular – sometimes disturbing – soundscape.

The video stream is a live‐evolving collage that uses images, and is controlled by Markos Souropetsis. The images are pre-shot by Communication and Internet Studies Department students who are enrolled in the course “Radio Production‐Digital Radio”. These images are the students’ personal and visual reply to the question: “What is the moving image of community radio?”. During the winter class of 2017, nine students were instructed to film their responses to a series of lectures and workshops regarding the definition of community, and how the community could relate to radio. Their spontaneous visual responses depict their points of view regarding community radio. The morphing (cloning, randomization, speed & color modification etc.) of those videos forms the visual outcome for the performance, which intends to create an immersive experience. A live combination of image and sound, constantly exploring the transgressive nature of community media ensues: The stable cinematographic shot, with the students’ points of view, gets digitally manipulated along with sound originating from the community media context.

The overall goal of the artists is to question and demonstrate the fluidity of the term ‘community radio’, regarding both its definitions and its representations in the minds of contemporary students. The performance wishes to push audio-visual experimentation towards/using a context of community media.

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