The Center for Contemporary Art Prague announces the call for projects for the Artwall Gallery.

History of the Artwall Gallery

Since 2005, the Artwall Gallery has occupied an outstanding outdoor space consisting of eight large stone frames within the wall supporting the Letna Hill on the kpt. Jarose and Edvarda Benese Embankment in the downtown area of Prague. In May 2008, the Prague Municipality decided to terminate the leasing contract on the pretext of the “Collective Identity” exhibition by a Czech art group Guma Guar (see www.artwall.cz), thus practically liquidating the Artwall Gallery. Currently, the Center for Contemporary Art aims at renewing the contract and the exhibition program. If we succeed, we are planning to exhibit four projects between spring and fall 2009.


This year’s theme, “Vox Populi”, is a continuation of the last year’s program and was inspired by visually dominant character of the exhibition space that guarantees an efficient and rather authoritative communication with the public. The project aims at critical analysis of the notion of “The voice of the People” that has served democratic as well as demagogic purposes. At the same time it is exploring the authority of the artist confronted with the public space. Judged by the heated debate engendered by the “Collective Identity” exhibition we assume that the theme in combination with the commanding space is able to capture attention of a wide audience and amplify the role of contemporary art within our society.

Technical parameters of the project

The proposed projects should be in the form of seven vertical images (the eighth frame will contain the title of the exhibition) providing a sufficient information about the visual appearance of the project. The selected projects will be printed out as large scale digital prints on foil (each approx. 400 × 210 cm). We can send you the exact size of the individual frames, on request.

Please, send the proposal together with a concise written description of its concept to zuzana.stefkova@fcca.cz as jpg or pdf. The deadline is on the 28th of February 2009.

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