Call of the project production in the Basque country, Spain

Deadline : February 13, 2009

The art producer consonni had wanted to organise a public call as another formula for working with artists and the art project IDENSITAT fancied sharing actions with other similar projects with their base in other territories out of Cataluña. So the collaboration arose naturally and consonni proposed the town of Sondika in the province of Bizkaia in Basque country, as the place of intervention.

ID+consonni opens a new international project production call directed towards contemporary artists and creators (individually or collectively) willing to contribute proposals within the sphere of public space

Acceptance of proposals ends on Friday February 13 of 2009, this date being inclusive.

ID+consonni opens a new international project production call directed towards contemporary artists and creators (individually or collectively) willing to contribute proposals within the sphere of public space from a cross-disciplinary perspective and to interact via different strategies within the social space of the context involved (Sondika).

Through this call Sondika wishes to point to that very loss of identity it suffered with the arrival of an airport, which forced its inhabitants to build a new municipality. The proposal is that artists or artists’ collectives with an interest in having an impact on the borough, through projects designed for public space that pose contemporary creation strategies incorporating specific aspects for the context, should concentrate on its very identity as a municipality and on the involvement of its inhabitants in recent history, not in a nostalgic but in a reactivating sense of exploration of its own identity.


Proposals must be sent, preferably in digital format, to

Or by post to:

C/ Simón Bolivar 8B E- 48010 BILBAO
Tel. +34 944 432 390


To formalise the presentation of proposals, the following material must be attached:

  • Document form ID+consonni: document written, which define the basics lines of the project (with budget and a schedule), to fill in. You can found it on the consonni and Idensitat website. Is essential to fill in this document.
  • A maximum of 8 images to facilitate comprehension of the project.
  • Images and texts showing other projects or work carried out (5000 characters and a max. of 8 images to facilitate comprehension of the project or Web reference).


The selection of the projects will fall to a committee formed by a group of professionals from the field of contemporary creation:

  • María Mur Dean, sociologist and director of consonni
  • Ramón Parramón, artist and director of IDENSITAT
  • Ibon Aranberri, artist
  • Zaida Muxi, architect

Territorial monitoring team

Once the projects that are to be produced have been selected, a viability study will be carried out in the different boroughs involved. This will be the work of a commission comprised of local agents with ground knowledge of the reality in each municipality. Their task is to provide advice regarding the different possibilities of work with specific sectors of the population and to monitor the productions.


Each artist or group of artists selected will receive the sum of 4000 euros (tax included) in respect of fees.

consonni covers travel expenses, accommodation, subsistence allowance and local transport for the artist/s’ stay. A maximum budgetary sum is envisaged, to be negotiated depending on place of origin, the number of people and the number of days’ stay.

The costs that may be incurred during the production process must not exceed 7000 euros (VAT included). In cases where the budget for the projects (production) is in excess of the estimated amount, the possibilities of the participants themselves receiving sponsorship or funding from other sources will be assessed.

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