V International Video Art Show Of Alcoi


Videoraum is a platform for the diffusion and exploration of video art. More than being a web of “exhibition” and a point of reference and interchange for video-authors we search for alternatives in the interchange of audiovisual artistic work, seeking to reach a wide and diverse public. Parrallel to the web, we perform projects in physical space, like festivals, shows and other activities related with the diffusion and exploration of video creation.


  • Video authors from all nationalities and ages can participate.
  • The audiovisual productions should be mono-channel, produced afterwards to the year 2003.
  • Themes are free. Especially we are interested in risked, multidisciplinary, dreamlike, unquiet and subversive work. We are open for a variety of styles: Works of audiovisual exploration with narrative or abstract elements, videoloops, videoclips,…) and every form of animation. (Flash, 2D, 3D,…); also creations of video-dance, video-performance, documental and moreover all unclassified videos.


  • The V International Show of Video Art, VAIA 2006 will be projected in the Cultural Centre of Alcoi, the 11th of November 2006 at 6pm.


  • The jury will be formed of the members of Association “Bona Nit” and a professor of a Faculty of Fine Arts with wide experience in the field of audiovisual creation.
  • The selected works will form part of the catalogue of VAIA 2006 and will beprojected in the Cultural Centre of Alcoi.


  1. There is no limit in the number of entries. The maximum duration of the works is 15 minutes.
  2. Works should be sent in MiniDV (-PAL) or DVD (-PAL/-NTSC).


  • The association cannot be made responsible of any unforeseen accidents that can affect the presented works. * The participants confirm, that they are the only ones to be made responsible of that the presentation of the work does not harm the rights of any third persons. The organizers therefore liberate themselves of any responsibility referring to this subject.
  • The video-authors, selected for the VAIA 2006 edition authorize the diffusion of their work, texts and photographs in the activities of promotion of the Association “Bona Nit” and VAIA (interchanges, programs and cultural publications)
  • Once submitted works cannot be removed from the Show.
  • Participating in the Show supposes the complete acceptation of these norms.
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