The 4rd World Ceramic Biennale International Competition

Gyeonggi-do , Republic of Korea
Event dates: 2007

World Ceramic Exposition Foundation
The 4rd World Ceramic Biennale (CEBIKO) International Competition

Ceramic artists from around the world are invited to take part.
This grand-scale international event participated by the world’s finest ceramic artists focuses on defining new values and creative direction for the 21st century ceramic arts. The international competition, one of the main events of the World Ceramic Biennale Korea, will be held from April 28 to June 24 in 2007 where ceramic artists from across the globe will compete in categories of “Ceramics for Use” and “Ceramics as Expression.”

The judging panel will be comprised of venerated ceramic experts from each continent, and the winners of the competition will receive the largest cash prize ever conferred (Grand Prize: KRW 60 million, Total: KRW 213 million) to encourage their spirit of creativity and contribute to the development of ceramic arts. We anticipate talented and innovative artists to take part in the 4th CEBIKO International Competition to open a new horizon for the 21st century ceramic arts.

  • The panel of judges will be comprised of five members; two Korean and three foreign nationalities. The same panel will conduct both the Preliminary and Final Screenings for “Ceramics for Use” and “Ceramics as Expression” categories.
  • Results of the Preliminary and Final Screenings will be posted on WOCEF website, daily newspapers and will also be notified individually.

The winner of the Grand Prize will be selected from the best of “Ceramics for Use” and “Ceramics as Expression” categories. All other awards will be apportioned equally for both categories.
Grand Prize(1) KRW 60 million(US$55,000)
Gold Prizes(2) KRW 20 million ea.
Silver Prizes(4) KRW 10 million ea.
Bronze Prizes(6) KRW 6 million ea.
Special Prizes(8) KRW 4 million ea.
Judge’s Choice Prizes(5) KRW 1 million ea.
Selected(Multiple) Diploma

  • Winners of the Grand Prize and Gold Prize will be invited to the Award Ceremony at the expense of WOCEF.
  • The prize money includes the purchase of the selected artwork. All entries that receive awards above the Judge’s Choice Prize shall become the property of WOCEF. Any applicable taxes on prize money shall be the responsibility of the prizewinner.
  • WOCEF reserves the right to produce and sell prize winning artworks of “Ceramics for Use“category, and royalty details shall be discussed hereafter with artists.
  • WOCEF reserves the right to exhibit, photograph, record and publish selected works.
  • All exhibited artworks may be put on sale with the consent of artists. * All winners above Selected Prize will each receive one copy of the exhibition catalogue.

In the event of group entries, each group will receive one copy.

Application form
Deadline: 06/10/06

Office for International Competition, Exhibition Department of World Ceramic Exposition Foundation
San 69-1
467-020 Gwango-dong Icheon-shi, Gyeonggi-do
Republic of Korea

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