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Urban emptiness - workshop



NeMe invites you to the 3rd Workshop for the project Urban emptiness / soundscapes of Nicosia and Limassol.

Date: Saturday, October 15, 2016 & Saturday, October 29, 2016

The Third Urban Emptiness Workshop will be divided into 2 sections and the Forth workshop will focus on the development of the participants ideas:

  1. Limassol Historical Centre guided walk led by Loucas Gregoriades, 10am: meeting at the NeMe Arts Centre entrance (corner Ellados and Enoseos Streets, 3041, Limassol.) This walk will follow the designated hot spots established for this project.
  2. Workshop led by Geert Vermeire for participants from Workshop 1 and 2 as well as interested members of the public at the NeMe Arts Centre, 3pm
  3. On October 29, between 10:00am-1:00pm the workshop will be led by Geert Vermeire to discuss the participants more developed ideas for the forthcoming exhibition in February 2017.

Please note: Sound Walk and Workshop will be conducted in English.

Urban Emptiness / soundscapes of Nicosia and Limassol is a practice-based research laboratory that explores the interconnection among walking, sounds and new media in digital and physical spaces in both cities. The aim of the project is to generate collective experiences and documentation of the diverse processes within the urban landscape contributing to the dialogues and practices of the Urban Emptiness Network.

Key themes within this trajectory are:

Exploring Urban Interruptions / Suspensions

The exploration of urban interruptions / suspensions through the combination of performative art, new media and space. The project suggests a closer examination of (sudden, hidden, absorbed, physical, fictive) interruptions of the urban fabric underlining that their character and meaning suspend in time and space. Interruption and Suspension are also included in the methodologies that will be deployed to examine these urban conditions, arguing about the significance of the interconnection between process and theme of exploration.

Exploring Alternative Intimacies / the Creation of Playful Environments as an open structure that allows events to happen.

The idea of urban intimacy leads to examining conditions of intimacy between the city and the participants, between the participants of the different workshops and between the participants and the facilitators. This involves a series of actions that explore the theme of ‘Alternative [Urban] Intimacies’ curated in a way that will create playful environments that will remain open to allow for new events to happen.

Participation is free.
Please confirm your attendance by calling 25372675

Geert Vermeire, curator, writer and artist with a backgorund in musicology and performance arts. His artistic practice is focused on mixed reality in performative contexts, with the use of sound and text, departing from social practices and the ethical involvement of cultural action. Since 2010 he has been part of noTours, exploring augmented aurality within an international collective of developers and sound artists. www.notours.org. Also in 2016 Vemeire became involved in Echoes, a software platform for rich media walks www.echoes.xyz and in SonicPlanet™, with composer Sinan Bokesoy, creating augmented aurality 3D audio scenes. www.sonicplanet.com

As a curator he worked for the Museum of Contemporary Art Ghent (B), City of Tongeren Art Center / Gallo Roman Museum – Manifesta 9 (B), E-Culture Fair/World Creativity Forum Hasselt (B), QO-2 Brussels (B), Media Art Fair / Contemporary Art Ruhr – Ruhr Triennale Essen (D), Festival Encontros da Imagem (PT), Museu Nogueira da Silva / Museu Biscainhos Braga (PT), GNRation Center for digital arts (PT), Fundacao José Saramago Lisbon (PT), the National Museum of Brasilia (Brazil), the National Library of Brasilia (Brazil), the International Poetry Festival Brasilia (Brazil), Athens Science Festival (GR), TAF metamatic Athens (GR). the Goethe Institut Balkan (Athens) and the Digital Art Festival BAW Tirgu Mures (RO). In addition, he curated exhibitions with young artists and students for the Athens School of Fine Arts (GR), the National Kapodistrian University of Athens (Music, technology meets philosophy / icmc-smc 2014), National Technical University of Athens – School of Architecture, University of Thessaly – Architecture Department, RITCS School of Arts Brussels (B), Folkwang University of the Arts Essen (D), Faculty of Fine Arts – University Lisbon, Edinburgh College of Art (UK). Vermeire is the curator of the international project (dance/performance and new technology) “Mediterranean Bodies”/ “the Underwater Heart of the Mediterranean”, Greece, Cyprus, France, Lebanon (Quasi Stellar (GR), Pelma (CY) and DK-Bel (FR) ) and curator / coordinator of the international platform “Made of Walking” in collaboration with Parsons New School – Fine Arts (Walking as Research Lab), Tisch School of Arts New York University (Arts and Politics Department), FU Berlin – International Research Center Interweaving Performance Cultures. At present, he is the co-coordinator of the Urban Emptiness network (Brussels, Edinburgh and Athens), extending in 2016 – 17 to Cyprus (Limassol and Nicosia).

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