Urban Emptiness

Urban Emptiness - soundscapes of Nicosia and Limassol



NeMe invites you to the first workshop for the project Urban Emptiness – soundscapes of Nicosia and Limassol on Saturday, 2nd July 2016, 10am – 1pm at the NeMe Arts Centre, corner Enoseos and Ellados streets, Limassol.

Workshop title: Urban emptiness and augmented aurality led by Geert Vermeire

Language of the Workshop: English

Participation is free.

Please write to us using the form on our website to confirm workshop attendance.

The workshop is designed for artists, researchers, audiophiles, technophiles, art lovers and the interested public.

Geert Vermeire will present up to date results of the Urban Emptiness Network (urbanemptiness.org), an interdisciplinary investigation of emptiness and silence in three contemporary cities: Athens, Edinburgh and Brussels developed between February and June 2016. The discussion will also include the expansion of the network with the actions and events in the cities of Nicosia and Limassol. Presentations of work that has already been conducted will be presented at the workshop as a starting point for discussion relevant to the aims of this specific Cyprus based initiative and ideas for its future development comprising of a plan of events, possible collaborations and an exhibition at the NeMe Arts Centre with a parallel seminar. More specifically, the workshop will focus on the locative media instruments that have been used in the actions of the network so far. noTours, Echoes and SonicPlanet.

noTours is an open source software and free web editor for everybody to create and enjoy sound walks on android mobile devices. It allows to share walks and to listen to a mix of real sounds and recordings by wandering around. Questioning traditional audio tours, it inverts the experience of a tour on an invitation to get lost, following a path that you choose and create, building your own narratives as you decide your next steps. The project simulates collaborative and participative creation processes, allowing both the creation of parallel realities and connecting the real space with the collective memory of its inhabitants. notours.org

Echoes, a platform for making location-based experiences. Currently primarily in the area of interactive soundwalks. The platform consists of a web app for uploading sound, images and text, organising them in collections, assigning geolocated areas (circles or polygons) to them and publishing to make them available for download. The mobile apps can download this content and then allow people to experience these collections of ‘Echoes’, using current location-aware technology in smartphones (gps and iBeacons), currently open-access and in the process of making its technologies available to the open-source community, and developing an active community and network of practitioners. echoes.xyz

SonicPlanet, allows to create 3D soundscapes on any chosen location. The placing and editing of sound happens on iOS mobile devices using the GeoComposer app. The GeoPlayer app plays the sound piece , tracked via gps or via iBeacons. You can navigate/walk on a physical space augmented with the 3D soundscape which contains the virtual sound objects. The interaction of the listener with his location and orientation to these sound objects renders the 3D soundscape in realtime. The users of GeoComposer can share their creations with the community on the sonicPlanet GeoPlayer. Both apps are integrated with Google Street View, so that users can virtually experience both the visual environment and sonicscape together on the screen. SonicPlanet is open access. sonicplanet.com

Geert Vermeire (Belgium), curator, writer and artist with a background in new media, musicology and performance arts. His artistic practice is focused on mixed reality in performative contexts, with the use of sound and text, departing from social practices and the ethical involvement of cultural action. Since 2010 part of noTours, exploring augmented aurality within an international collective of developers and sound artists. Since 2016 collaborating as well with Echoes, a platform for creation of interactive maps and rich media walks using texts, video, pictures and audio. As well involved in SonicPlanet™, with composer Sinan Bokesoy, creating augmented reality 3D audio scenes. Founding member of the Milena principle, an international platform and lab based on the concept of consilience. (themilena.com)

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