The Mirror Stage - Call for videos

NeMe and Lanitis Foundation are currently seeking video submissions for The Mirror Stage, an international event to take place at the Lanitis Foundation, Limassol, Cyprus on 17-28 September 2008.

[The mirror stage] illustrates the conflictual nature of the dual relationship [between the Ego and the body]

Jacques Lacan

The stage is a mirror for all of human experience.

Hung Hung

The Mirror Stage is the deliberately ambiguous title and starting point for this event which aims to explore the condition of contemporary art-video production, both technically and conceptually.

The exhibition will focus on:

  • the dual nature of video as a documentary medium and as tool for creative expression.
  • its inherent conflictual relationship between its body (to record) and its ego (to create)

The event will examine the question of video integrity and authorship in an age of deceptive and ambivalent mass media coverage. The many faceted translations of contemporary video with their emphasis on a non-traditional critical approach will present an interesting and challenging forum for The Mirror Stage.
Emphasis will be in favour of experimental videos using narrative and non – narrative contexts.

The event will be divided into 4 sections

  1. exhibition/projections at the Lanitis Foundation
  2. VJ event in an open space in Limassol
  3. Guest Speakers at the Lanitis Foundation
  4. City interventions, Limassol

Submission Requirements

NeMe accepts submissions in the following video formats:

  • Single to four channel videos submitted on
    • DVD/CD
      • .mov,
      • .mpg2 with .aiff or .wav 48000hz, 16 bits sound (demultiplexed Region 2 – 25 frames/sec)
      • .avi
    • Tapes
      • miniDV (PAL)

Please note that the videos will be converted and projected in PAL format (720×576pixels at 25 frames/sec). Widescreen videos will be presented in “letterbox” format in the above resolution.
Non english videos must have english subtitles. Maximum duration 15’.
Also note that videos with h264, divx compression or any other format not mentioned above will not be accepted.

A still from the video in .jpg, .tiff, .pdf or .png format 720 × 576 pixels (minimum dimensions).

A .doc or .txt document containing name and email address of author submitting as well as a list of all the credits regarding the video containing

  • Video title
  • Duration
  • Director
  • Director’s email
  • Producer
  • Actors
  • Music credits
  • Language
  • Statement and/or concept

Summary of requirements

  • video in mov, mpg2, avi format or on miniDV (PAL) tapes, 15 minutes maximum duration
  • word or plain text document containing credits
  • Video still .jpg, .tiff, .pdf or .png format 720 × 576 pixels
  • Selected entries will require an optional A1 image which will be printed and hung in the exhibition space.


Submitting any work implies the total acceptance of these terms and conditions.

  • The authors keep their intellectual rights on the work.
  • Submitted works received will not be returned. Please do not send originals
  • Shipping expenses will be paid by the author.
  • Presentation expenses will be carried by NeMe
  • NeMe will notify by e-mail only the selected participants.
  • Participant’s names and stills from the videos submitted will be published in as well as the electronic and traditional press
  • Selected participants will be notified by email only
  • The works received will remain in the NeMe archives and may be made available for viewing to local and international curators, scholars and students in Cyprus.

Deadline for submissions is 20 February 2008 (postmark).


There are no fees


19 November 2008: Call for Submissions
20 February 2008: Submissions deadline
20 May 2008: Notification of accepted videos
17 September 2008: exhibition opening

Methods of Submission

We provide three methods for submissions

  1. Via Mail
  2. Via the web

1. Via Mail

Mail submissions should include a completed application form and sent to:

c/o Yiannis Colakides
POBox 50325
3600 Limassol

Please indicate on the package that its contents is For Cultural Purposes Only and that it has No Commercial Value

2. Via the web

We accept submissions via:

  •, or similar services. Where appropriate, do email us and we will download your submission from there.
  • Your site: Please email us the address where we can download the video
  • Your ftp: Please email us the address and login password
  • Our ftp: Email us and we will organise a user defined ftp access to our server.


Please submit your queries via the NeMe forum.

We look forward to seeing your work!

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