The Mirror Stage - selection results

NeMe has received 634 individual video submissions from 312 video makers collectively amounting to over 120 hours continuous viewing. This meant that the time we needed to preview all the works was much longer than we initially anticipated.

The selection committee was comprised of Yiannis Colakides (project coordinator), Dr Antonis Danos (Art History Lecturer), Dr Christos Barboutis (Media Lecturer) and Helene Black (Artist). After lengthy deliberations works from the following video makers were selected for the variety of screenings and events which will constitute The Mirror Stage:

Ziad Alhalabi, Muhammad Ali, Sonia Armaniaco, Paulo R. C. Barros, Neil Beloufa, Orit Ben-Shitrit and Harold Moss, Cristiano Berti, Nisrine Boukhari, Nathan Boyer, Rose Butler, Domenico Buzzetti, Blake Carrington, Marina Chernikova, Christodoulos Christodoulou, Paul Destieu, Alexei Dmitriev, Dubrass, Yiannos Economou, Joëlle Ferly, Taryn FitzGerald, Thorsten Fleisch, Adonis Florides, Michael Fortune, Felipe Frozza, Jonathan Gitelson, Suguru Goto, Gruppo Làbun, Ann Guest, Henry Gwiazda, Rich Heeman, Sonja Hinrichsen, Sam Holden, Tammy Honey, Sharon Horodi and Cheb M. Kammerer, Chris Ireland, Maria Rosa Jijon, Carolyn L. Kane, Aditi Kulkarni, Robert Ladislas Derr, Aileen Lambert, Brendan Lee, LEMEH42, Maria Lianou, Youssef Limoud, Ron Longsdorf, Simon Longo, Lustre, Avigail Manneberg, Jonathan David McPherson, Michaela Nettell, Anne Niemetz, Jonas Nilsson, Eric Olofsen, Eva Olsson, Sharon Paz, Anat Pollack, Stuart Pound, Zach Rockhill, Daniel Rodrigo, Antti Savela, Guli Silberstein, Roddy Simpson, Sean Simpson, Elizabeth Smolarz, Megan Smith, Oliver Smith, Tobias Sternberg, Evelin Stermitz, Dia Theodorou, Jennie Thwing, John Tronsor, Lee Wells, Vagner M. Whitehead, Shaun Wilson, Gordon Winiemko, David Yates, Theodore Zeldin and Poppy Sebag-Montefiore.

The Mirror Stage is organised by NeMe, Lanitis Foundation and the Cyprus University of Technology and it is presented by the IMCA.

Project coordinator: Yiannis Colakides


  • 17 September 2008
    • VJ Event by Felipe Frozza and Luigi Vitali
    • Venue: THEATRO ENA, Limassol, Cyprus
    • Time: 8.30pm
  • 20 September 2008
    • Academic Conference on New Media
    • Speakers: Dr Edward Shanken (US), Dr Dimitris Charitos (GR) and Dr Christos Barboutis (GR)
    • Moderator: Dr Antonis Danos (CY)
    • Venue: Lanitis Foundation, Limassol, Cyprus
    • Start Time: 4pm
  • 20 September 2008
    • Opening of The Mirror Stage Exhibition
    • Venue: Lanitis Foundation, Limassol, Cyprus
    • Time: 8pm
    • Exhibition Duration: 20-30 September 2008
  • 22 September 2008
    • Public Screen 1 – continuous screening of some of the selected videos
    • Venue: Dinos Art Cafe, Limassol
    • Time: 5-8pm
  • 25 September 2008
    • Public Screen 2 – continuous screening of some of the selected videos
    • Veni Vidi Vici @ Kanari st, Limassol
    • Time: 7pm-9pm
  • 27 September 2008
    • Public Screen 3 – continuous screening of some of the selected videos
    • Venue: Brent Cross @ Anexartisias st, Limassol
    • Time: 9am-1pm


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