Thanatopolis at I-Park

The I-Park Foundation, a not-for-profit international arts community sited within an expansive nature preserve in East Haddam, Connecticut (USA), is seeking creative proposals in the following disciplines:

  • Music Composition/Sound Sculpture
  • Visual Arts/Environmental Sculpture
  • Theater/Choreography/Performance Art
  • Landscape/Garden Design
  • Architecture
  • Landscape Architecture

Thanatopolis (, an alternative memorial park/space in the advanced conceptual phase of its development, is looking for works that harmonize with the long-term goal of the project, which is to re-imagine our cultural and personal relationship to death, memory and memorialization and to engage the above creative fields to bring about a new, profoundly sacred and evocative landscape/sound-space.

Selected projects will be presented at the Thanatopolis Exhibition on October 2, 2010.

Judging will be by a distinguished panel on the basis of creativity, site-responsive, cultural relevance, feasibility and, perhaps most importantly, efficacy in engaging the issues of death, memory and memorialization.

Those invited to execute their physical, performance or music/sound sculpture pieces for the Thanatopolis Exhibition will receive a creative fee of $2,000 plus a budget for travel, materials and incidental expenses. Applicants invited to exhibit (un-executable, future, conceptual) projects will receive a creative fee of $700. Additional funding may be available depending on the scope of the individual projects.


Agnes Miyuki
P. O. Box 508
CT 06479 Plantsville
phone: 860-873-2468
fax: 877-276-1306

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