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Earlier today, the latest stable version of Textpattern CMS was released. In the past few weeks we have been working behind the scenes for this important upgrade. This work was carried out to make sure this site remains online without any issues, but also to restructure our content, and take advantage of some of the new features our favourite CMS is now offering.

Whereas the previous versions of Textpattern were stable, secure, and provided unprecedented flexibility compared to other open source software, there was one long term issue, that prevented the organisation of our content thematically. This issue was due to URL handling, which basically means that it did not allow for deeper type addresses without the use of plugins. As such, many of our events were listed linearly, very much like a blog. The new version 4.8, maintains the security and stability and extends its flexibility by adding a host of new features including, removing this limitation. As such, as from today, much of our content might be returning 404 errors, especially if you landed here from a s site that kindly links to specific pages previously listed in our now defunct Events, and Participations sections.

These sections are now listed under our new site area called Projects which is containing a deeper URL structure, which reflects the organisation of our projects more precisely. Browsing might seem slightly more laborious at first, as it will sometimes require extra clicks, but as far as correct archiving is concerned, our larger projects can now be browsed within their conceptual context.

Further to our restructuring we also worked to squash a number of display bugs which were plaguing our site for the last three years. Alas, there are still some known glitches, including the Vimeo cookies consent boxes which, once accepted, the size of the blocked video content is embedded incorrectly. This bug normally disappears after a page refresh or after clicking to go to another one of our pages. If anyone can recommend a CSS solution for this, we are all ears.

Finally, we have extended ours site’s accessibility by further cohering to the latest WAI ARIA guidelines. We hope that this effort will enhance our site’s accessibility and experience for some readers with disabilities. This serious and important update is half way to completion.

For their support and advice on this update we would like to thank Oleg Loukianov, Julian Reisenberger, Pete Cooper, Phil Wareham, Stef Dawson, Michael Pate, Philippe Wittenbergh.

Do feel free to tell us what you think, positive or negative. If you experience anything in our site’s performance or design which might not be behaving or displayed as expected in your computer environment, we would love to hear from you.

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