A Call for Video Art Submissions

The Serial Box Video Festival is an intermittent public exhibition in downtown Columbia, Missouri, organized with support from the University of Missouri. Serial Box Projects seeks submissions for the latest installment of this ongoing project. Materials must be received by October 24, 2012.

This call seeks submissions centered on the idea of surveillance. In particular, we are interested in work that engages the act or idea of monitoring or being monitored, the behavior and activities of others and/or the way we present ourselves when we think no one is watching.

As usual with the Serial Box festival, videos are rear-projected onto the window of a storefront building at night, glowing and accessible to viewers and passersby. This incarnation of the festival makes audience members into active participants, because their reactions to the screening will be filmed and accessible via a Webcam. A scrolling LED monitor displayed in the bottom corner of the window will give the URL for viewing the live feed.

Each festival installment opens with a group screening of all selected entries. Afterward, every entry receives at least one nightlong solo screening over the course of the following two months.

Submissions can be of any length. Please limit submissions to no more than three videos.

Please send videos and/or proposals to:

Serial Box Projects Jury
c/o Nathan Boyer
A126 Fine Arts Building
University of Missouri
Columbia, MO 65211


Please do not submit more than three videos.

If you mail work on a disc, please use a format supported by Quicktime, preferably .mov and as high definition as possible. Title the video file or files “YOURNAME_VIDEO_TITLE.”

If you e-mail work or a proposal, we can view videos on a Web site (yours or a third-party site such as Vimeo). BUT: please note that if your work is accepted, you will need to provide a copy in the format listed above.

If you send work via a file-transfer service, please use one in which the window to download the file does not expire in a short period of time, and use the format and naming conventions outlined above.

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