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Through the Roadblocks exhibition consists of 12 collaborative artworks curated by Antonis Danos & Helene Black at the Evagoras Lanitis Cultural Centre, Limassol, Cyprus.

About Through the roadblocks

The challenge facing the curators has been the consideration of what is the art of a place or region or, more importantly, what are the problems associated with curating an exhibition from a politically and geographically defined region, namely, the Mediterranean and the Near East, a space punctuated with roadblocks and borders as agents of exclusion and obstacles to crossings. Nonetheless, people and ideas do cross roadblocks exposing the porosity and instability of these enforced demarcation lines. Many artists’ works from this region propose a transnational narrative, suggesting that notions of collectivity and shared identity are much more fluid and circumstantial than narratives of nationalism and/or ethnicity would have us believe.

The concern of the curators has been to focus not only on the final outcome but, more importantly, on the relations between the participants, on the networks of agency that have been generated by them, on process, on the value of interdisciplinary collaborations, as well as on the value of the arts as a research methodology that provides a creative framework for establishing collaborations across national boundaries.


Lanfranco Aceti (IT//UK/TR), Ali Akay (TR), George Alexander (AU), Klitsa Antoniou (CY), Mirene Arsanios (LB), Helene Black (CY), Bernd Bräunlich (DE), Çağlar Çetin (TR), Dimitris Charitos (GR), Yiannis Christides (GR/CY), Marianna Christofides (CY/DE), Antonis Danos (CY), Yiannos Economou (CY), Phillip George (AU), Jean-Pierre Hébert (FR/US), George Katodrytis (CY/AE), Tahl Kaminer (IL/UK), Nesrine Khodr (LB), Gabriel Koureas (CY/UK), Coti K (GR), Peter Lyssiotis (AU), Seza Paker (TR/FR), Guli Silberstein (IL/UK), Sharmeen Syed (PK/AE), Nicos Synnos (CY), Yannis Yapanis (CY), Iannis Zannos (GR)

Parallel Event

In addition to the exhibition, NeMe and the Evagoras Lanitis Cultural Centre will host a parallel event curated by Lara Khaldi (PS) and Yazan Khalili (PS), featuring a selection of films from Palestine, entitled All the other Lovers. The selected films are The Diver by Jumana Emil Abboud, The Story of Milk and Honey by Basma Alsharif, Oh torment by Monira Al-Qadiri and Untitled by Alaa’ Abu Asaad.

Through the Roadblocks exhibition is co-organised by NeMe and the Cyprus Ministry of Education and Culture in collaboration with Evagoras Lanitis Cultural Centre, with the support of the School of Fine and Applied Arts of the Cyprus University of Technology, and it is presented by NeMe’s Independent Museum of Contemporary Art (IMCA)

The exhibition is under the auspices of the Cyprus Presidency of the Council of the EU.

Dates and venue

24 November 2012, 8pm, Evagoras Lanitis Cultural Centre, Limassol Cyprus
25 November – 16 December 2012
Opening hours
Tuesday – Sunday, 10:00 – 13:00, 16:00 – 20:00


The Cyprus university of Technology has launched two projects to inform about this event.


Main sponsor
Cyprus Ministry of Education & Culture
Cyprus University of Technology
Ionian University, Department of Audio and Visual Arts
Evagoras and Kathleen Lanitis Foundation
Limassol Municipality
Embassy of Germany in Cyprus
Embassy of Israel in Cyprus
The Australia Council of the Arts
The Copy Shop
Kanika Pantheon Hotel
Media Sponsor, Politis Newspaper
Thanks to:
Theophilos Tramboulis, Angeliki Gazi, Natalie Demetriou, Christiana Solomou, Maria Hadjiathanasiou, Christos Christou, Alexis Andreou, Maria Lianou, Ioanna Lyssiotis, Marios Theophilides, Yiannis Demetriou, Jeremy Sarchet, Evis Michaelides and the students of the Media and Communications department of the Cyprus University of Technology for their online promotion
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