Re:New 2009

Re:New invites artists, performers, and composers to present the newest groundbreaking works of digital music, video, installations, distributed and collaborative art, as well as any other art-form with a significant digital component. Emphasis is on non-traditional genres, and submissions are accepted in all categories including any not mentioned here: we are interested in works that challenge or expand the current vocabulary and practice of digital creation, performance, and consumption.

Submission deadline is 23:59 (CET), Thursday January 15th 2009 (postmarked)

Re:New has several venues for different performance and presentation possibilities. We will seek to present the selected works at the best possible venue, but submittors are welcome to indicate preferred venue(s).

All submissions will be accepted, but we emphasize these categories:

The Monolith

Video works, installations, performances and audience oriented works for screening at The Monolith, at Copenhagen City Square. The Monolith is a 73.056 square meter video surface with a built-in PA system. It is constructed of modular LED/SMB tiles and is 6.72 meters wide, 11.69 meters high, and 1.50 meters deep. The tiles have a brightness of 5000 nits and resolution of 7 mm, 896 × 1664 pixels, and proposals should take the unique screen, venue, and audience situation into account. Performance slots will be 10:00-02:00 during the entire period of Re:New 2009.


This category is if you want to propose a concert or a large part of a performance for experimental electronic performances at Re:New’s various club venues. Performers of all and any style are encouraged. Selected performers will be given sets of 15-45 minutes, and venues will accommodate multi-channel sound and video. If your work requires a quiet atmosphere, then you should consider submitting under the concert works category.


This category is for live music to be performed in concert hall or similar. Submissions can be interactive works for acoustic instruments and electronics, electroacoustic works with a performer, groups of players, and interfaces of the game type, robots or other. Video is welcomed as part of the work, and performance venues will accommodate 4-8 channel works and one or more video projectors. Ensemble performance forces are available for concert works, drawn from Danish and foreign performers such as:

  • CAPUT Ensemble (IS)
  • Uusinta Ensemble (FIN)
  • Ensemble Ars Nova (S)
  • Esbjerg Ensemble (DK)


Experimental video works will be screened at all events, and emphasis is on future forms of the moving image. Submissions can include experimental films (including digital music compositions in two-channel or Dolby 5.1), 2D and 3D animations, linear and non-linear narrative image sequences, mobile and innovative screen formats, split- and/or multiple-screen arrangements. Modes of individual and collective interaction may be included. Submit on DVD (NTSC) or DVD data disk in mpg, mov, or avi file format.


A number of installations will be set up in various spaces at Huset i Magstræde and other locations. Installations may be physical objects, video and/or sound projections, or combinations thereof. Include technical and space requirements with your submission.

Submission requirements

Submissions for Re:New 2009 are anonymous (free of author identification marks) and must be done by completing an online submission form and upload the relevant material. However, apllicants may also send large data files on physical media by regular mail to Re:New, including their submission number(s) only. Re:New does not accept submission materials as email attachments or URLs.

All submission will be evaluated by an international jury. Selected works will be announced by Sunday March 1st 2009, and the final programme will be announced Wednesday April 1st 2009. If you require notification information sooner (for funding applications, for instance), please email to inquire about possible early notification.

Practical details

Questions can be directed to . If mailing submissions by postal mail, please use the following address:

c/o Anne Bøgh
Howitzvej 39, st. th.
DK-2000 Frederiksberg

Note: You must complete the online registration form prior to mailing works. All works need to have their unique submission code on the outside of the package.

Re:New may provide funding for selected artists.

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