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Drain – Journal of Contemporary art and Culture, is now accepting submissions for it’s forthcoming issue on Cold.


Our baroque and abundant consumption has led to an economic and climatic meltdown. In the last decade, the frenzied emphasis on growth and mass consumption manifested an opulent aesthetic of brightly colored advertisements and plastic disposable goods. In the wake of the current collapse, the purity, simplicity and refinement of a calmer and cooler culture is now alluring.

Can transparent, clear and meditative practice counter this lavish, hot and hysterical culture? Is it possible for the clarity and lucidity of this coolness to connect cultures and move us into the future?

This issue of Drain is interested in curating a collection of critical writing and art practices to transform the way in which we think about how these various degrees of cold collaborate.

Submission deadline: February 20, 2009

Please send submissions to: Avantika Bawa – avantika@drainmag.com and Stuart Keeler – r.stuartkeeler@gmail.com

Drain is a refereed online journal published biannually. The journal seeks to promote lively and well-informed debate around theory and praxis. Each issue of Drain will have a specific concept that it explores. We are especially keen to publish pieces that connect the conceptual framework of each issue to themes such as globalization, gender, ethnicity, sexuality, capitalism and new technologies, as well as ethical and aesthetic concerns. As such, we welcome creative responses to contemporary culture, as well as written work by practitioners in the field of culture. Our primary mission is to provide an environment where a variety of creative activities can be explored with a combination of sensitivity and rigor.

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