Prix Europa 2010

Call for Entries: Television – Radio – Emerging Media

The festival for Television, Radio and Emerging Media invites the best productions from our continent as well as their makers and managers for competition.

PRIX EUROPA provides an annual forum for encounter in our continually changing media scene.

It will also offer an opportunity for dialogue with European media politicians.

PRIX EUROPA is open to broadcasting and producing organisations alike and is therefore accessible to media professionals from all parts of Europe.

It has grown into the continent’s largest competition for television, radio and the emerging media, but has no commercial interest. The pan-European event is attended by well over 1,000 delegates from more than 40 countries. Adjudication for the PRIX EUROPA awards is transparent and democratic, carried out by open jury groups. The competition is held in three media and 9 categories. The awards are worth €6,000 and the official PRIX EUROPA TROPHY to each of the winners.


The PRIX EUROPA TELEVISION competition will be held in six categories. The entrant decides the category in which the production is to be entered.


Television films with a complete storyline (minimum length of 30 minutes) and episodes from TV fiction series (including mini-series) and serials.


Documentary films with a minimum length of 30 minutes.


This category is looking for journalistic documentary programmes that stem from regularly broadcast television formats. The entries should be made for television and not for theatrical release, focusing on in-depth information and investigative journalism. They follow up key contemporary issues; programmes that are not afraid to tackle controversial issues and vouch for demanding and responsible journalism. Minimum length: 15 minutes.


IRIS invites programmes that deal explicitly with the multicultural character of European societies and contribute towards equality, understanding and tolerance between people of different origins, cultures and religions.

IRIS seeks to be an incentive for programme practitioners to devote their attention to the multicultural spectrum of European societies. Programmes can be fiction (TV drama, episodes from series, comedy, entertainment) oR non-fiction (documentaries, reportages, magazines, talk shows). There is no minimum or maximum length.


The PRIX GENÈVE-EUROPE was created by the European Alliance for Television and Culture (EATC) in 1987 to motivate new authors towards careers in television. The PRIX GENÈVE-EUROPE is looking for scripts of already produced television fiction programmes written by newcomers.

The entries must be television films with a complete storyline, not episodes from series. The newcomers may not, as author or co-author, have had more than two works in any drama format produced and broadcast. Short films or co-writing episodes of existing series do not count for this rule.

The scenario must be an original work, not an adaptation. In addition the EATC offers annual Writing Bursaries for promising new talent in script writing. For information and conditions please visit our website.


This European Video competition is open to students in their third, fourth, or fifth year of study at ELIA or CILECT member institutions. Following a call for proposal by the European Commission 15 projects have been selected to receive a grant to produce short videos (60 – 90 seconds) to promote foreign language learning and the positive aspects of multilingualism in Europe. These finished videos will compete in the Languages through Lenses Category.


The PRIX EUROPA RADIO competition will be held in two categories.

The entrant decides the category in which the production is to be entered.


Single Radio Drama programmes but also episodes or programmes from series and serials.


Single Radio Feature programmes but also episodes from documentary series and serials.


PRIX EUROPA is looking for the best emerging media projects – Made in Europe.

PRIX EUROPA is looking for online projects which have vision, creativity and also public responsibility.

The entries may have a direct connection to a television or radio programme or may be stand-alone online projects. The entries will be judged on their ideas, the way they have been executed, their quality and their commitment to public values.

The prize will be awarded to the project which best explores and uses the potential of the online media.


Prix Europa
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