International Short Film Festival Winterthur

Short films of all genres are accepted for submission to the Competition of the International Short Film Festival Winterthur, as long as they have been made within the past two years and their length does not exceed 30 minutes. Contractual films made for advertising or PR purposes are not eligible.

Films submitted for the Swiss Competition (CHurzfilm) can be films made by either Swiss filmmakers or non-Swiss nationals residing in Switzerland.

Films that have already been shown at the International Short Film Festival Winterthur or films that have previously been rejected can not be submitted for evaluation a second time.


  • Grand Prize CHF 12,000 (ca 12,000 US$) for the best short film of the Competition.
  • Promotional Award CHF 10,000 (ca 10,000 US$) for an outstanding directorial achievement.
  • Swiss Prize CHF 8,000 (ca 8,000 US$) for the best film of the Swiss Competition (CHurzfilm). The Swiss Cinematography Award is awarded to the best camera work in a Swiss Film and consists of in-kind products and services worth 8,000 CHF. All films nominated for the Swiss Competition (CHurzfilm) are also nominated for the awards of the International Competition.
  • The audience awards the Audience Prize worth 8,000 CHF (ca 8,000 US$).

The jury is made up of five international experts. The jury watches all Competition films during the festival.

All Swiss short films selected for the Competition are eligible to be nominated for the Swiss Film Prize “Quartz:. Further eligibility criteria are defined by the provisions set forth by the Federal Department of Home Affairs in respect to the Swiss Film Prize. It is the applicant’s responsibility to submit an application for the Swiss Film Prize.

All short films submitted to the International Short Film Festival Winterthur made by an author or producer with a private or business domicile in the Canton of Zurich (for at least 2 years), or which have a close relationship to the Canton of Zurich in regards to content, are eligible for the Winterthur Short Film Award (CHF 12,000.-), which is awarded at the “Cadrage”.

Entry Procedure / Deadline

The entry form for every submitted film should be completed online together with all required documentation at the latest by 31 July 2010. The festival does not charge a submission fee. You are highly welcome to submit your application at an earlier date.

Until 30 June 2010, you also have the possibility to upload your film digitally via In this case, the submission procedure is dealt with by reelport and it is not necessary to complete an application form on

Preview Copies

If you apply via, you need to send a DVD preview copy (Pal or NTSC) at the latest by 31 July 2010 (post mark) to the International Short Film Festival Winterthur (see postal address below).

Preview copies, where the spoken language is not German, English or French, should be submitted with subtitles in one of these languages. Films that are submitted on unreadable or damaged preview DVDs will not be considered for selection. It is up to the applicant to ensure that the preview DVD is in full working order.

For cost reasons, the preview copies can not be returned to the applicant and are stored in the archive of the International Short Film Festival Winterthur for research purposes. During the festival, the preview copies of all submitted films can be watched by accredited festival guests under the supervision of festival staff. Journalists have the opportunity to preview all movies selected for the competition during the three weeks leading to the festival. These journalists are handpicked and receive access to a password protected online streaming service. Television stations may use up to two extracts and max. 10% of the total length of the selected films.

International Short Film Festival Winterthur
Steiggasse 2, P.O. Box 285
8402 Winterthur
phone: +41 52 212 11 66
fax: +41 52 212 11 72

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