Medi@terra 2005 - call for entries

Athens, Greece
Event dates: 7-11 December 2005

Fournos Center for Art and New Technologies

Medi@terra 05 is occupied seriously with games and pays attention to those who play with reality and those who examine the game seriously.

Maybe one of the most difficult times in our lives is when the game stops being the most serious occupation and the education of the language takes its place, possibly the most difficult task as from the minute we learn well its codes, we realise that some people "play" with us.

Send your ideas to the festival.


Games or Reality: the Challenge of Digital Culture

The Conference "Games or Reality : the Challenge of Digital Culture" focuses on four Subject Areas covering a wide range of crucial issues and questions concerning Games and their position in Digital Culture, studied from the Observers ‘as well as from the Players’ point of view:

in Subject Area A
the Socio-Political, Psychological, Cognitive and Philosophical aspects of Game are analysed

in Subject Area B
the influences of Games in Art and the Game as the 21st century’s New Art are studied

in Subject Area C
Technologies and Techniques that develop or are developed by the Game are presented

Subject Area D
concerns the emerge and the growth of the New Economy of Games defining its impact in Art and Society of the 21st century


Medi@terra 05 aims with this call for game projects to offer the opportunity to artists, independent creators, programmers and theorists from the field to show their work and at the same time to create a forum of communication, discussion and collaboration.

The projects to be submitted may be stand alone offline applications, on line applications, applets (eg Flash, Shockwave, Java ), mods & patches / modifications and enhancements of well known games (Quake, Unreal, Half-Life, Torque), machinima / films made with the use of computer games, mobile phone games.
The games submitted shall be uploaded and hosted in a web address or sent in a CD/ DVD from which they can run on a PC or Mac.

Also accepted can be the playable demos of games.

Criteria for the selection of the games will be:

  • their innovation in terms of development and application
  • the originality of their content
  • the new approaches introduced
  • their aesthetic/ artistic features
  • their philosophical approach

A special interest will be shown to games with sociopolitical content as well as to games that constitute tools for education and other scientific fields.

The games selected will be hosted in the exhibition of Medi@terra festival 05.

For any questions or more information please contact Daphne Dragona .

Deadline: 30/10/05 (call for games)


Fournos Centre for Art and New Technologies
168 Mavromichali Street
114 72 Athens
phone: +30 210 64 20 451
fax: +301 6470 069

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