Sea Art Festival of Busan Biennale 2006 Artwork Competition

Sea Art Festival of Busan Biennale 2006
2006.9.16-11.25, Haeundae Beach, Busan, Korea

Artwork Competition for the Sea Art Festival
Number of works : not exceeding 20 pieces
Submission period : Friday, Sept. 30 to Friday, Nov. 11 by 18:00, 2005
Submission location : Office of the Busan Biennale Organizing Committee
Contact tel 82-51-888-6767 fax 82-51-888-6693

Guidelines for the Artwork Competition

Recently, we changed some of the guidelines for the artwork competition of the Sea Art Festival in Busan Biennale 2006. So we are providing you with an updated version of the guidelines. Please check the details below carefully.

Open Competition of Artwork

  • Competition theme : ART IN LIFE Refer to the Busan Biennale homepage for the explanation of the theme.
  • Artworks competed : Public Furniture
  • Size : Refer to the size of existing street furniture
  • Exhibition location : Road & Sidewalk between the crossroads toward the Westin Chosun Hotel and the front of Marriott Hotel
  • Qualification : Anyone can participate regardless of nationality. (In case of a group entry, not more than 10)

Submission Information

  • Documents required : Entry form 1 copy (prescribed form)
    1. Model drawing(showing front and side views on A3 size paper, computer graphic work) 1 copy
    2. Submitted documents will not be returned.
  • The entry from can be downloaded at the Busan Biennale homepage(
  • Document submission
    1. submission period : 2005. Sep. 30 ~ 2005. Nov. 11. 18:00
    2. submission location : Office of the Busan Biennale Organizing Committee
    3. Submission method : mail or in person
  • Submissions arriving after the deadline will not be considered for judging.
(Note : submissions will not be accepted on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays.)

About judging

  • Announcement of results : 2005. Nov. 30, Results will be announced both on the Busan Biennale homepage and through individual notification.
  • Works selected : not exceeding 20 pieces
  • Prize money : 6,000,000 Won(Korean currency)

Works selected for the prize will be entered in the exhibition "Public Furniture" of Sea Art Festival, Busan Biennale2006 and installed (semi-)permanently in the exhibition spot.
Grants for the production of works are included in the prize money and thus, money for the manufacturing, transporting, and unloading of art pieces is the responsibility of each artist.

Public Furniture

‘Public Furniture’ is a newly coined word combining Public Art, a term used in the field of art, and Street Furniture, a term for urbanology. Street furniture includes not only existing street furniture like post boxes, phone booth, traffic lights, trash bins, benches, road signs, public bathrooms, and bus stops but also the visual culture of streets like billboards and neon signs. "Sculpture works", which belong to the Rest Area Equipment of Street Furniture, are also included in this category. Public furniture is street furniture manufactured in the perspective of public art. Thus, the 2006 Sea Art Festival will display street furniture manufactured in the perspective of public art on the roads and sidewalks of Haeundae Beach. Public furniture is not just limited to art, but rather, a kind of public art project open to architecture and design.

Contact tel 82-51-888-6767 fax 82-51-888-6693

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