Interactive Design Art and Technology (iDAT)

An event of Ars Electronica and Interactive Tokyo in Singapore Singapore Science Centre

Exhibition dates: from November 1st to December 31st 2007 (Open call submissions must be shown for at least four days during this time, at a schedule to be determined)

The iDAT exhibition is a unique combination of major interactive media events Ars Electronica from Austria and Interactive Tokyo from Japan. It is calling for interactive media works that merge design, art, and technology, moves beyond technology traditions, and transforms social assumptions. We are seeking interactive works in the form of installations which will be part of the exhibition at the Singapore Science Centre. The works should have a focus on interactive media systems that have an innovative technological concepts blended with excellence in art and/or design. We are also encouraging works which have harmonious parts of content and interactive technology, with a focus on human usability, and expanding the scope of media for use in human society.

Aims of iDAT

  • Demonstrations for emerging interactive techniques for the public
  • Promotion and propagation of interactive techniques
  • Sharing of knowledge of virtual reality, entertainment and interactive techniques
  • Promotion of collaboration between experts, edge researchers and industry
  • Out reach of interactive techniques

The type of works which we are seeking may include:

  • Innovative interfaces
  • Music and audio
  • Novel displays
  • Haptics
  • Sensors
  • Robotics
  • Entertainment and Gaming
  • Collaborative environments
  • Health and medicine / biotechnology
  • Virtual and mixed reality
  • Ubiquitous computing
  • Wearables, hand-helds
  • Real-time graphics and animation
  • Mobile technologies

It is a prerequisite that the projects have already been realized to the extent that they may be judged on the basis of documentation and must be ready for installation by December 1st 2007.

The work entered must have been created, realized or significantly updated within the last two years. Participants may be individuals, groups, schools, institutions, companies etc. Exclusively commercially oriented activities in the sense of product advertisement or commercially available products are excluded.

Submission Details

Each work is to be explained in a combination of

  1. No more than 4 page demo/exhibition description (essential)
  2. A video of the work (essential). Do not send video by email, but send a link to the video posted on a web site.
  3. Other supporting media or documents (optional)

Deadline: October 15th 2007
Notification: November 1st 2007
Submit to:

Since a presentation of an outstanding interactive work naturally also depends on the technical requirements for on-site realization, it is essential to include information that is as specific as possible about technical hardware and software and spatial requirements. All entries will be judged by a jury of experts. In addition to the works entered by participants, each jury may also nominate other works.

Selected works will be offered support for the travel and exhibition costs. This support may not cover the entire cost of travel and exhibition costs, depending on the nature and expense of the work.

If you have any questions, please contact:

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