Göteborg International Biennial for Contemporary Art 4


RETHINKING DISSENT: on the limitations of politics and the possibilities of resistance

August 25 – November 25, 2007

Venues: Röda Sten, the Röhsska Museum, Göteborgs Konsthall, Old Post Office and the gallery Kaustik

Participating artists: Adel Abidin, Lida Abdul, AES+F, Jane Alexander, Catti Brandelius, Tania Bruguera in collaboration with Ezequiel Suárez and Yalí Romagoza, Democracia, Jenny Grönvall, Maria Heimer Åkerlund, Thomas Hirschhorn, Mats Hjelm, Pål Hollender, Jenny Holzer, Lamia Joreige, Otto Karvonen, Marianne Lindberg De Geer in collaboration with Jan Alvermark, Armando Lulaj, Mandana Moghaddam, Melik Ohanian, Mario Rizzi, Joanna Rytel, Anri Sala, Fia-Stina Sandlund, Santiago Sierra, Sislej Xhafa, Hendrik Zeitler, Johan Zetterquist, Ola Åstrand.

Curators: Joa Ljungberg and Edi Muka

The 4th edition of Göteborg International Biennial for Contemporary Art wishes to resume the important discussions about ‘the condition of the political’ that formed the basis for Democracy Unrealized in Documenta XI year 2002. Where do we stand today, five years later? The title, Rethinking Dissent, is meant to encourage reflection on the meaning of ‘Dissent’ in a time characterized by the dominance of global capital, operating on a level above politics. A “scoundrel time”, according to the philosopher and sociologist Slavoj Zizek, when even the political left has adjusted to the functioning of a globalized market economy and thus ceased to offer any real political alternative. Moreover, a time in which our lives and our understanding of the world are affected by a continuous state of war – a war that is widely presented and explained to us as a clash between traditionalist Islamic fundamentalism and modern liberal democracy. Is this supposed ideological antag onism the main reason behind today’s transnational conflicts? If not, what is this global war really about and what are the consequences of a prolonged state of emergency, legitimizing increased surveillance and a curbing of civil freedoms and rights? Rethinking Dissent shall take us on a journey where different aspects of our global condition are highlighted and analysed. Rather than accept a status-quo, where change is unthinkable, the invited artists will help us to give form to important questions and encourage us to think beyond our doorstep, reflect on our time and on what happens in the world around us.

For more information about the program, please visit the website of the biennial: http://www.biennal.rodasten.com

The biennial’s Satellites offer an exciting complement to the main exhibition. Locally based artists, curators and galleries have been offered to produce their own exhibitions and events in dialogue with the biennial, by using a common theoretical platform as a point of departure.

In Dependence shows works by the German artist and filmmaker Hito Steyerl, at 300m3 Art Space, August 25 – October 21

Reworking Dissent is a workshop and exhibition with art students from Valand Academy of Art (Gothenburg), University College of Photography (Gothenburg), Carrara Academy of Art (Bergamo) and Tirana Academy of Art, which will be presented in Galleri Rotor, August 25 – September 16.

No Black is not Bright White, at Galleri Box and Galleri 54, presents five emerging Scottish artists in an exhibition curated by Transmission Gallery, Glasgow, August 25 – September 23.

Contemporary Video art from Argentina is a screening of works by six Argentinean artists that will take place at Atalante on November 17.

Flexibility of a Syringe is the umbrella name for a series of exhibitions which will be presented in the mobile gallery Lådan/the mobile box.

Listening Sites: Tracking Stories shows site-specific works made by the artists Andrea Wollensak and Brett Terry, at Konstepidemin, Pavilion 10, August 25 – November 25

Röda Sten Cultural Association is the main organising party for the Göteborg International Biennial for Contemporary Art 2007.

For further information: http://www.biennal.rodasten.com and biennal@rodasten.com Röda Sten 1, SE-414 51 Göteborg, Sweden, Telephone: +46(0)31-12 07 76

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