The Idea of the Avant Garde

The Idea of the Avant Garde - Screening


On Wednesday, 17 October 2018, at 6pm, NeMe and curator Marc James Léger invite you to a screening event of the video works shown in the exhibition The Idea of the Avant Garde. These works will be screened in conjunction with the exhibition and allow for a large-format projection that is otherwise not possible in the gallery presentation of the many works on view. Thanks to the artists.


1. The Julie Ruin, Oh Come On, 2013, 2:25 min.
2. Kathleen Hanna, reading from The Riot Grrrl Manifesto, 2016, 4:23 min.
Thanks to Henry Review.
3. Chto Delat, The Lesson of Dis-Consent (Das Lehrstück vom Un-Einverständnis),
2011, 18:16 min.
4. Gustav Deutsch, FILM IST. a girl & a gun, Third act (EROS), 2009, 26:23 min.
5. Pussy Riot, Make America Great Again, 2016, 5:02 min.


6. Zanny Begg and Elise McLeod, The City of Ladies, 2017, 78:18 min.


7. Jean-Luc Godard, Film Socialisme, 2010, 4:29 min.
8. Zoe Beloff, Two Marxists in Hollywood, 2015, 26:02 min.
9. Critical Art Ensemble, Surviving Public Space, 2017, 10:16 min.
10. Oliver Ressler, Socialism Failed, Capitalism Is Bankrupt. What Comes Next?
2010, 19:30 min.
11. Dread Scott, Gideon’s Manifesto, 2005-2007, 3:11 min.
12. Not An Alternative, What Is the Museum of the Future?, 2015, 17:22 min.
13. Laibach, Vor Sonnen-Aufgang, 2017, 6:23 min.


NeMe would like to thank the Department of Culture of the Cyprus Ministry of Education and Culture, Alphamega, and Medochemie for their support.

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