BAC 11

11th Edition of Barcelona Art Contemporary Festival – BAC!

Call for artist or collective of artists: Entering the 4th Dimension – Time

After completing its first decade, the change that the Barcelona Art Contemporary Festival had been predicting has arrived. An innovative change, as perceptible as it is intangible, BAC! Enters the 4thdimension: TIME.

In a period in which different artistic, scientific, philosophical and technological disciplines interact freely, finding, creating and dissociating as part of an uncontrollable ritual dance, TIME is introduced as a brush that captivates an increasing number of art lovers, both emissaries and receivers.

TIME, divine mystery and mortal fear par excellence, becomes an active part in the world of perceptions, multiplying the artistic experience through incalculable visual impacts which choreograph a lasting sensation. Audiovisuals enter the artistic sphere with a sweeping momentum. Gone are its difficult beginnings, when a few pioneers knocked themselves out creating a vanguard of moving images that was hardly taken into account. Only after this ordeal, a collective consciousness arises, having digested this evolution and, not even the most conservative can any longer contain the overwhelming expansion of one of the most contemporary means of expression.

A means which is not only able to sublimate all the senses, but also adds a dimension of vital importance that demands our attention: TIME. Professional artists and enthusiastic amateurs investigate this new set of brushes and paints, relying on technology without prejudice and bravely accepting today’s challenges.

The latest BAC! presents the special relationship of art with the space-time binomial, promoting the infinite, simultaneously occurring combinations of the multidimensional nature of such work : Timebased Art.

A complexity that is expressed in the human experience as such, and through the interaction of all these forces creates the ethereal dimension, TIME. With the visitors&8217; interaction and their own space and time, the show will provide the approach to the binomial with infinite permutations.

The fourth dimension is defined as a simultaneous, massive, metaphorical, and deeply intertwined with life experience. It is a dimension that contains movement, the object of numerous art historical investigations and the axis of art movements and disciplines as important as cubism, futurism, kinetic art, comics, film and, of course, video art.

Within this historic and universal fascination with exploring the space-time continuum, BAC! takes revisits the invited country context, presented in previous editions. Japan will be the guest country in this next edition, selected for its innovative artistic proposals and researches.

Within this framework, BAC! Begins the new decade inviting us to explore notions of space and time using today’s most advanced artistic technologies, allowing to discover virtuous talents working with the genres that intrinsically employ TIME in the palette. Respecting the broadly open conceptual line that characterizes BAC!‘s previous editions, this year, the proposal is even more emphatic, with a quest to reflect together on the different ways in which the time dimension itself affects human existence. Time does not stop or repeat itself, it is intrinsically linked to change. Welcome to the art of the fourth dimension.


  • Performance, Installations and Sound Veejeing – Curated by Emma Pils and Juanjo Fernández, BAC (Director)
  • Video Art – Curated by Macu Morán, VideoArtWorld Director
  • Japan Audiovisuals (Guest country) – Curated by Menene Gras, Exhibitions director of Casa Asia
  • Analogical Textures – Curated by Maria Pallier, Director of the TV program METROPOLIS
  • Artistic micro-short films – Curated by Javier Muñiz, Director of the La Boca del Lobo Festival
  • Animation 2D & 3D – Curated by Damián Perea, director of Animayo Festival
  • Stop Motion & Pixilation – Curated by specialist Adrián Encinas
  • Music Clips – Curated by Carmen San Francisco, director of Musiclip Festival
  • Bootlegs y Motion Graphics – Curated by specialist Khristian Dörr


Any artist or collective of artists from all over the World are welcome to participate

  • Works must be developed after the 1st of January, 2007 with a maximum length of 6 minutes
  • Each participant can present a maximum of 6 works
  • The organization can use still frames and/or fragments of the work for its divulgation in the media, always under the Festival framework
  • Works authorities is responsibility of the participants
  • The organization is not responsible from the artworks’ content
  • Shipping expenses will be covered by the participant
  • The organization does not cover insurances from the artworks exhibition copies presented
  • The documentation and files submitted will not be returned but destroyed per request
  • When the participant is a collective, it should have one person designated as responsible for communications with the organization


The highly determinant factors would be:

  • Artistic quality of the proposal and its presentation
  • Plastic abilities and research with digital and analogical mediums
  • Reference of the proposal to the suggested theme
  • If not finished yet, viability of the proposal


La Santa
Apartado de Correos 64007
08080 Barcelona

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