ASPECT-EZ is a new series of events and online projects coordinated by ASPECT to provide support for emerging artists. These events will be under the auspices of the curatorial team at ASPECT, and produced by young interns and guest organizers. Strangely Funny, a video show at ASPECT’s Boston location is the first installment of ASPECT-EZ.

Strangely Funny

Originally the word funny was just a derivation of the word fun. Then sometime around 1806, somewhere in the U.S. South, the word also came to denote the strange and the odd. The current definition includes the fun, the facetious, the suspicious, the insolent, and the strange, curious, and odd. Which leads us to the following questions when thinking about a show about funny art; What makes something funny? Can something be too strange to even be considered funny anymore, or too funny to really be considered art?

We are curious to see what you think. Any art that is best captured with time-based media is suitable for the show. The work however, will ultimately be shown at the event as a video, so the documentation of the work, if performance or installation for example, should be considered the final product. It should also be under 3 minutes.

Everyone selected for the show will be eligible for the ASPECT Selects prize. The ASPECT curatorial team will award one participant an ASPECT subscription. This award will be announced at the show.


Send a DVD to ASPECT: The Chronicle of New Media Art, 46 Waltham St. Suite 108, Boston, MA 02118

Clearly label the DVD with your name and title of the piece and make sure to include your contact information somewhere so that we can get in touch with you. No statements or resumes required.

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