Asolo Art Film Festival 31

The Festival is conceived and organised by the Cultural Association A.I.A.F. (Asolo International Art Festival), a no profit private institution with legal status (Veneto Regional Council Decree).

The contest is divided into six sections:

  • FILMS ON ART for works on art;
  • ARTIST’S BIOGRAPHIES for works of historical reconstruction and critical interpretation on personalities from the world of art and music;
  • FILMS ON ARCHITECTURE AND LANDSCAPE for works on architecture and urbanism relating to history, movements, main personalities, projects, and for works documenting the harmonious development of the territory (or its contradictions) with respect for culture and the environment;
  • FILMS ON THE DESIGN AND ENTERPRISE for works relating to history, movements, protagonists, projects in the world of design, including video commercials of products and business stories.
  • VIDEO ART & COMPUTER ART for works using electronics or computer technologies as a method of direct artistic expression;
  • PRODUCTIONS BY SCHOOLS OF CINEMA related to art and music, produced by schools of cinema, specialized higher education institutes and universities.


Only works produced after the 1st of January 2010 are eligible for the contest. The works must fall into one of the six sections previously described and it must be indicated on the entry-form. The Selection Committee reserves the right to move a work to another section, if it seems to fit more appropriately.

The participation is free of charge.

To enter the contest it is mandatory to:

  • print the participation policy and the entry form;
  • fill in completely the entry form clearly and legibly;
  • send the entry form signed in order to enter the contest and to authorize A.I.A.F. to use the work for teaching, cultural and promotional non profit purposes;
  • send 2 copies of the work on DVD standard PAL;
  • send a brief biography or an essential filmography of the author/s of the film;
  • send a synopsis of the work in Italian or in English;
  • send JPEG images of the film and different photos gram or frames of part of the film on CD ROM (at least 4);
  • send a detailed list of the original musical tracks the film’s score. Indicate the name of the authors and the titles.
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