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25 FPS International Experimental Film and Video Festival is organized by the 25 FPS Association for Audio-visual Research, Zagreb, Croatia. 25 FPS promotes innovative and alternative visual expressions, original visual concepts, works of stylistic, linguistic and media diversity, works based on the tradition of avant-garde and experimental genre.


Experimental films and videos up to 60 minutes completed after January 1st 2010 are eligible for 25 FPS Competition Program.


DVD is accepted as preview copy. It will NOT be returned to the sender. DivX or other formats on CD are NOT accepted as previews. DVD and a filled (printed) entry form must be sent to the Festival address.
When sending a DVD, please indicate “For cultural purposes only, no commercial value” on the package or you may be required to pay customs duties. Festival accepts previews submitted by link, but only with a filled entry form. If the work applied by link enters the second round of pre-selection, Festival will require the work on DVD. In that case the applicant will have to send a DVD at their own expense.
If the film has a dialogue in any language other than English, preview must be subtitled in English or accompanied by a printed dialogue list.


Selection results will be published on July 1st 2012 on the Festival website. Festival will notify the contact person of the selected work. By the end of July the contact person has to e-mail additional materials about the selected work: still images, texts, subtitles (docx, rtf, pdf)… Festival WILL NOT notify all the applicants, just the ones whose works
are selected for the Competition Program.


Eligible screening formats for the works selected for the Competition Program: 35 mm, 16 mm, Digital Betacam, Betacam SP, and HDCAM (HDCAM SR is not accepted!).
Festival will not make exceptions regarding the screening formats. If the applicant does not have the selected work in any of the mentioned formats – and stated differently in the entry form – the work will be disqualified from the Festival.
The applicant is required to send the work in the screening format stated in the entry form. Every change of format will result in disqualification from the Festival.


The screening copy (with English subtitles if the work has text) has to arrive at the Festival’s office by September 10th 2012. Festival has the right to refuse a screening copy of dubious technical condition, and the one which may cause problems during the screening.


Festival will send a detailed shipping specification during July 2012. BRIEFLY – Indicate on the parcel: “For cultural purposes only, no commercial value”. When sending by courier post (DHL, FedEx, UPS…) dispatches must be accompanied by a pro-forma invoice amounting to a maximum of 20 EUR or 20 USD.


The screening copy will be returned within two weeks after the Festival to the address stated in the entry form or elsewhere. If the screening copy has to be dispatched to some other address, the Festival should receive detailed information – address, contact, shipping info – ONE WEEK after the Festival the latest.
Festival will pay the shipping costs in ONE DIRECTION ONLY.


During the Festival 25 FPS organizes a video library for professionals.
Preview DVD submitted for the Competition Program is automatically included in the video library if the applicant did not state differently in the entry form.


  1. Three Jury Grand Prix’s – Each member of the international jury (3) gives one equal cash prize.
  2. Critics’ Award – Three film critics/audiovisual theoreticians give one joined award.
  3. Fujifilm Award – Awarded by the festival Organizer to the extraordinary film.
  4. Audience Award – Awarded by the audience.


Preview DVD will be stored in the Festival’s archives. The festival might use the DVD ONLY for its own, strictly cultural,
educational and non-commercial purposes. If the Festival damages the screening copy in any way – the Festival will
pay for the physical value of the film print or tape i.e. replace the print or tape.
Festival will take the responsibility if the print or tape got lost or damaged during transport because of the Festival’s doings, otherwise Festival will not be considered responsible for the lost or damage. Any complaint regarding the condition of the screening copies must be made within 30 days after the date of their return shipment.


Cases not covered by these regulations will be considered directly by the Festival’s Committee in compliance with the regulations of international festivals of short film. In case of litigation, only the courts of the City of Zagreb shall be
competent and have jurisdiction.

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