Zaragoza 08 - French pavilion

The next International Exhibition will take place in Zaragoza in Spain from 14th June to 14th September on the theme ‘Water and sustainable development’.

Because sustainable development begins with the health and dignity of every human being, the Pavilion of France has chosen to cover this subject from the point of view of water and human development.
Because ‘the next great step for humanity must be access to drinking water and drainage systems for all’, it is urgent to act and establish this priority.
Because the movements, purposes, uses and also the pleasures of water show and tell the diverse and various realities that bring us together but also differentiate us.

The Pavilion of France is asking all inhabitants of the planet, photographers for a day, amateurs, professionals, students, artists, etc. to submit their pictures of water to the website
A place, a date, a time, a first name, an explanation and other such information will accompany the picture.

These pictures will be displayed without prejudice, on the 4 facades of the Pavilion of France.
Offered to the view of the 12 million visitors of Zaragoza 08, this great collective fresco will take part in a ‘worldwide election’ campaign with the slogan: ‘water is life, sanitation is dignity!’

From 1st September 2007 to the 15th January 2008, hurry up and post your picture!

To devise this collection, we read the Human Development Report 2006 by the UNDP.
‘Beyond scarcity: power, poverty and the global water crisis’

This can be downloaded from the website:

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