XVIth German International Exhibition Of Graphic Art


The year 2011 will mark the 16th German International Exhibition of Graphic Art, which was founded in 1970 and is now held triennially. It aims to support contemporary graphic arts. The exhibition is organized by the Kunstverein zu Frechen e.V, in cooperation with the town of Frechen.

Conditions of Entry

In order to support talented young artists, the International Exhibition of Graphic Art has introduced an age limit, inviting professional artists born since 1971 to submit their work. Entries must be executed in one of the graphic arts.

New graphic practices (computer generated graphics, laser printing, etc.) are as welcome as traditional printmaking techniques (woodcut, linocut, screen printing, etching, etc.). The work must demonstrate a convincing use of the medium chosen as an expressively powerful means to convey content and formal aspects, and not purely as a production technique.
Measure limit: The sum of length + width must not exceed 250 cm. Three-dimensional works and monoprints may be submitted as well, as long as they belong to the field of graphic art. The measures of each work (a+b+c) may not exceed 250 cm. The decisive factor is the innovative, artistic quality of the works.


In the pre-selection round, an internal jury will choose the artists who will be invited to participate in the final round, which is judged by the admission jury. Entries to the pre-selection round should be submitted either as colour photos (at least 13 × 18 cm) or as computer prints on A4 paper (21 × 29.7 cm). Up to four works may be submitted, and each should be clearly marked with the entrant’s name, and with the work’s title, year, technique, and dimensions. The completed entry form must accompany the entries.
None of the entry materials will be returned.


The artists chosen in the pre-selection round will be invited to submit their original works to the admission jury for the final round. The closing date for invited entries is April 11, 2011. All works should be submitted unframed: the organizer will have them framed (up to 90 × 120 cm). A CD must be submitted with the entries containing highresolution digital images of each work (at least 300 dpi at the printable size of 21 cm on the long side of the image).
These images will be used as illustrations in the catalogue. All finalists must submit an entry fee of €20.

The admission jury is comprised of five judges: one member of the committee of the Kunstverein Frechen, one art critic, one representative of the art academies, one representative of the graphic museums and one artist. The admission jury will choose the works that will be shown at the exhibition as well as the prize-winners. Three prizes will be awarded in the amounts of €2,500, €1,500 and €1,000.


The exhibition of the selected works shall be held from SEPTEMBER 4 TO OCTOBER 2, 2011, in the Town Hall of Frechen. The catalogue of the XVIth German International Exhibition of Graphic Art will appear in two languages (German and English) and will include images of all works exhibited.


The Kunstverein Frechen charges a 30% commission on any works sold.

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