Wunder der Prärie


Mannheim, Germany, August 30 to September 9, 2006

"Wunder der Prärie" stands for international, experimental, and extraordinary art projects which bring together fine and performing arts. "Wunder der Prärie" occurs in art rooms, uses and animates urban spaces and is firmly rooted in the urban life of the region Rhein-Neckar. For 6 years the arthouse zeitraum_ex!t has organised an annual festival. They started with the 9th International Performance Conference in 2000. Since 2004 the festival is named "Wunder der Prärie".

Amongst others, the following artists and groups participated: Anna Huber, Stefan Kaegi, Alastair Mc Lennan, Boris Nieslony, Lindy Annis, Gob Squad, Jaap Blonk, Théâtre du Radeau, Stan’s Café, Yoko Tawada, FarADayCage, Volker Gerling, Mike Pearson.

The Theme: "Glück Glück Glück"
The German word "Glück" is a term with many meanings. Other languages have several, more differentiated terms for "Glück". In English for example, we have the terms "luck, fortune, happiness, felicity"; Italians speak of "fortuna, felicitá".

"Happiness" is generally understood as a very special, extraordinary emotion or an emotional state; its opposite is unhappiness or – as an extreme – desperation.

Personal Happiness
Feeling happy is defined as "being in accordance with oneself and the world". Everyone has to find out for herself or himself when these valuable moments of happiness have occurred or do occur.

"Happiness" (as well as "good luck") is fragile, volatile, it never lasts forever.

There is chance which helps to make somebody happy. Happiness also depends on fortune. The "lucky devil" or the "child of fortune" have inherited fortune; they succeed in everything and everywhere.

"Life is what you make of it" – we all wish to make and are to make ourselves happy. Happiness is merit.

Happiness in this World and in the Next World
Religions, too, make use of peoples’ longing for happiness. When the promise of happiness is shifted to the realm of the next world then there is no reason to be at odds with a luckless life in this world.

Festival Venues
The city and public places, for example the central station, empty shops, the pedestrian zone, depending on the project; zeitraum_ex!t Büro für Kunst and other exhibition rooms


  • Exhibitions
  • Films
  • Performance art
  • Theatre projects
  • Lectures and discussions with the audience

The call is directed to artists which have dealt with the 2006 festival theme.

Applications should consist of:

  • A meaningful concept (video, pictures, description)
  • CV
  • Scheme of costs
  • Technical requirements
  • Self-addressed answer envelope and postage

Please note that we cannot finance new productions.

We do not accept any responsibility for the application documents.

We do not accept e-mail applications!

Applications without a sufficiently stamped answer envelope will not be sent back and will not be kept in archive!

For applications from other countries than Germany: please include the equivalent of adequate postage in Euros!

Deadline: 10/03/06 – date of the postmark

zeitraum_ex!t Büro für Kunst
Gabriele Oßwald
Lange Rötterstraße 23
D-68167 Mannheim

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