Through other eyes

Workshop: Through Other Eyes



Curated by James Bridle.

“Throughout the Twentieth Century, the ability to see the world became ever more separate from human vision; in the Twenty-First, the ability to think and understand the world will follow. While they began by seeing the world, cameras are now starting to process and analyse what they see; to make decisions about the world they share with us.” (James Bridle. From the curatorial statement of the forthcoming exhibition at the NeMe Arts Centre)

Through Other Eyes examines the nature of both power and agency within human-technology relations so that issues of control become increasingly complex. The role of non-human actors in the creative process establishes how objects exert agency in a similar manner to humans and in many cases introduce spontaneous and unexpected results which may be viewed as a legitimate form of aesthetic expression.

The workshops are open to interested artists, filmmakers, hackers and programmers residing in Cyprus.

Additional information

  • The maximum number of participants is 10
  • Please note that participants registered for Workshop1 will be the same participants for Workshop 2 which will be conducted in English.

Workshop 1. Introduction

NeMe Arts Centre, 11am Saturday 6th July, 2019
This workshop will be led by NeMe prior to the arrival of James Bridle. In context to Bridle’s curation, the emphasis of this workshop will be the exploration of the interrelationship of non-human actors with human creatives within the process of art making. Focus will be on using cameras or programming to generate machine made images.

Workshop 2. Dialogue

NeMe Arts Centre, 5pm, Wednesday 4th September, 2019
This workshop, led by James Bridle, will evaluate, critically discuss the experimental work by the participants as a result from the first workshop and will provide the opportunity for the participants to have direct dialogue with the curator.

Deadline for registering for participation: 1st July 2019

About James Bridle

James Bridle is an artist, programmer, writer, and curator working across technologies and disciplines. His artworks have been commissioned by galleries and institutions and exhibited worldwide and on the internet. His writing on literature, culture and networks has appeared in magazines and newspapers including Wired, Atlantic, the New Statesman, the Guardian, and the Observer. New Dark Age, his book about technology, knowledge, and the end of the future, was published by Verso (UK & US) in 2018, and he wrote and presented New Ways of Seeing for BBC Radio 4 in 2019. His curatorial work includes Transnationalisms, exhibited in London, Rijeka, and Ljubljana, The Virtual, at the NGV Triennial, Melbourne, and Agency exhibited in Berlin.

Applications are now closed and the exhibition is announced here.

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