Word of Mouth


Call to Artists
The following exhibition is open to artists of all mediums. Artist-artist collaborations are encouraged.

Confirmed dates of exhibition begin April 15 – April 26, 2008. The first venue is Ohio University Gallery under the title: Word of Mouth. Additional venues and events are being sought, and artists are invited to participate in these as well.

Though some actions are rendered illegal without licensure by the state – such as the practice of law or medicine – creative “practice” is not regulated by government but by convention. This exhibition seeks to present a range of artistic practice, including responsible and irresponsible practices, on the premise that revealing/sharing these will enable us to examine the kinds of creative behavior we (artists) model in community.

This will be an exhibition of documentation primarily, as we intend to emphasize artistic practice over products. Artists interested in exhibition should prepare documentation of practice, of work, or of theoretical work. “Practice” should be understood as artistic practice, studio practice, or methodology, and works that are currently in-progress. “Work” may include conventional pieces like sculptural objects, paintings, prints, photographs, ceramics, etc., and less conventional pieces of experimental, installation, performance, interdisciplinary, and electronic media. “Theoretical work” may include artistic conceptions, works that could be conceived but may never be realized, or works that have been proposed but not executed. Submitted documentation will be included in the exhibition program. Select artists may be invited to include executed/executable works.

Please direct all questions to Nina Caporale at nina@aesthetic.ohio.edu

Submission Materials:

  • Artist’s statement in 200-900 words. Describe your position as an artist (or collaborative), your practice, and your response/reaction to the premise of the show. All remarks appreciated.
  • Curriculum Vitae(s).
  • Contact Information. Mailing address, phone number, email, URL, etc..

for documentation of completed work:

  • Title, Date, Media.
  • Abstract describing the work in 50-500 words.
  • Documentation of your work. Photographs, drawings, draftings, prints, video files, audio files, CD-ROMs, and DVD-ROMs are preferred.

for documentation of practice and theoretical work:

  • Abstract in 200-500 words. Please use present tense, NOT future tense.
  • Visualization of your work. Photographs, drawings, draftings, prints, video files, audio files, CD-ROMs, and DVD-ROMs are preferred.

and for all:

  • Instructions or requests regarding presentation, including any materials or equipment not provided by you, the sender, that may be needed.
  • Non-returnable CD-ROM or DVD-ROM backup/archive of all materials described above.
  • It is both acceptable and appreciated if you choose to provide the above materials solely via CD-ROM or DVD-ROM to be printed by the gallery, as appropriate. We ask that filetypes be compatible with MacOS 10.0.1 and newer. Digital images should be a minimum resolution of 300 dpi in dimensions of 2400×2400pixels, or 8×8inches. Supported filetypes include, but are not limited to: (text) Rich Text Format, Microsoft Word Document, PDF, (images) TIFF, Photoshop, Large Document Format, Jpeg, (audio) .m4a, .mp3, .aif, .mov, midi, (video) .mov, .dv, .m4v, and .flv.
    Contact Nina Caporale with questions regarding filetypes or the software support available in our Lab for works in electronic media. (For example, we are familiar with MaxMSP/Jitter, Poser, Strata 3D, Maya, Flash, SecondLife, and more.)


All shipping is the responsibility of the artist.
Failure to provide return postage will be understood as consent for transfer of ownership to the project or for destruction of these materials after closing the exhibition. All materials from the exhibition are eligible for inclusion in the permanent collection of the Kennedy Museum of Art.

Send all materials to the following:

Attn: Nina Caporale
Aesthetic Technologies Lab
Ohio University, 235 Putnam Hall
Athens Ohio 45701

513.307.7303 mobile
740.593.0695 office

Copyright Notice

By submitting materials to this exhibition, you are granting copyright permissions to the project for use in promotional materials and catalogue documentation. You are also granting copyright permissions to Nina Caporale as artist and curator of this exhibition for use in documentation of her own artistic practice.

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