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Women in Conflict Zones-book presentation


On Saturday April 13th 2019, at 4:00pm, NeMe invites you to the presentation of Anna Prodromou’s book Women in Conflict Zones-A Collection of Interviews of Cypriot Women which showcases a collection of interviews featuring Cypriot women from different backgrounds and cultures. The book attempts to shed light on women’s oral histories that uncover the ways in which women navigate through conflict. The book breaks the convention of what is commonly understood as conflict; conflict is seen as any situation in which the rights of women are being challenged or violated. These situations are unfortunately not only restricted to circumstances of war or conflict, but they extend, without exception, into all sectors of society.

The book will be introduced by Costa Constanti, Political Analyst, and Nicoletta Christodoulou, Associate Professor in Curriculum Studies and Instruction.

“An oral history testimony at its best. A must read.” -Mine Atli, Women’s Rights Activist

“I stand in awe of Anna’s determination, courage and effort, not just for creating this book, but also establishing this initiative. I also stand in awe of the women portrayed in this book, with respect to their struggles and achievements.” -Costa Constanti, Political Analyst

“A must-read primer for anyone interested in women and peace in Cyprus… Read this book! Kudos to Anna for her passion, engagement and rigorous methodology to gather and put all this together.” -Dr Elena Hadjipavlou, Big Data & Communication Expert

The book creates a safe space in which the multiple dynamics at play in the contemporary Cypriot environment can be discussed, while also engages strongly with the consequences of the Cyprus conflict commonly referred to both by the national and international community as the ‘Cyprus problem’; conflicts are frequently fought on the bodies of women – a reality that has long been avoided in Cyprus.

The presentations will be in Greek.

About the author

Anna Prodromou is a Cypriot Communications Consultant, Journalist, Speaker and Educator. She holds a bachelor’s degree in French Language & Literature and an MSc in Communication & Journalism. As a multidisciplinary professional, Anna has worked as a news producer for international media outlets and has also assumed project management roles in a variety of different NGO projects. Anna channelled her passions into founding the Women in Conflict Zones Initiative (WICZ), which is directly focused on the issues of women’s civic participation and contribution. Additionally, she created the Wikimedia User Group for Cyprus and is a co-founder of the Faros Association, a non-profit organization formed to offer support to AIDS and HIV positive individuals and their families. Anna’s volunteer activities have included work with organizations such as the Faros Association (CY), UCYVoice (CY) and Person to Person, P2P (USA). As a result of her extensive experience, she was included as an expert in the ‘She Experts’ initiative of the Mediterranean Institute of Gender Studies (MIGS), a platform specifically developed to be the leading resource of expert women in Cyprus. Anna’s achievements were also recognized when she received the 12th Cyprus (National) Business Woman of the Year Award in 2018. Women in Conflict Zones is her first book.

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