2007 Women Make Waves Film Festival


call for entries
Women Make Waves Film Festival aims to celebrate the achievements of outstanding female talents, to explore different aspects of women’s lives as well as to promote equality and rights of all genders. By including a wide range of genres, issues, and representation of women, the Festival seeks to present women directors’ survival wisdom and resisting power into a creative.

The 14th Women Make Waves Film Festival, organized by the non-profit Taiwan Women Film Association, will be held in in Taipei in October, 2007. A portion of the selected films will be invited on an island-wide tour shortly after the Taipei exhibition.

2.1 Submission to the Festival is open for feature films, documentaries, animation, short films and innovative visual productions for digital media. There is no entry fee.

2.2 General Program
Any recent works (produced up to 2 years before the Festival) by a female director that has not been shown in other festivals in Taiwan, preferably discussing women-related issues, in accord with directors with fresh ideas and debates related to the cinematic arts.

3.1 The submission deadline for selection purposes is: May 31 2007.
3.2 Late entry deadline: June 8 2007 (Please email the entry form first and send in all the materials by June 8 2007)31.05.2007

4.1 The applicant/invitee is requested to send the following materials to WMWFF:
Entry form, duly completed and signed (please send first by email, then follow with the original signed version by post/courier).
One screener (DVD/ VHS NTSC format ) that is the exact same version as the screening material, preferably with English subtitles or English dialogue list.
Poster and/or press kit, if available.
Trailer or excerpts (Betacam preferred, NTSC format) or DVD

Entry form (call or write to organisators to obtain one)
Complete dialogue lists in original language AND English (preferably by email)
Synopsis of the film in English, preferably both short (50 words) and long (150 words) versions
Full cast and credits list
Director’s biography (under 100 words) and filmography
Director’s statement (under 100 words), if available
Film reviews, if available
3 different stills from the film (at least 300 dpi)
A photo of the director (at least 300 dpi)

4.2 None of the above listed submission enclosures will be returned.

4.3 On the package, please remember to put “For Cultural Use Only, No Commercial Purpose.”

5.1 Print
Selected films will be screened in their original version. Films that have been subtitled in English are preferred. Chinese subtitling will be added using a projection system.
Film formats, video systems and other media carriers that can be presented during the festival are: 35mm, 16mm, Betacam SP (NTSC), and DVD (NTSC).

5.2 Catalogue
Upon the acceptance of the invitation, all of the requested materials (see 4.1) should be sent as soon as possible in order to assist the compilation of the Festival Catalogue.

5.3 Press and Publicity
After the official selection of a film, the Festival is permitted to use excerpts (limited to 10% of the total length) for publicity purposes. This regulation applies equally to the Internet. It is highly recommended and would be greatly appreciated if a betacam version of the trailer or excerpts of the film can be provided.

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