VIEW Awards 2013

Last year, the VIEW AWARD brought forth some astonishingly talented animators into the public and industry spotlight.

After the international success of past edition of our VIEW AWARD, the 2013 contest is ready to widen its scope with new themes, new subjects and new contestants.

As the last few years, VIEW will include both students and non-students works, making our contest more appealing than ever.

However, works by students will be especially welcome, since VIEW will always be the place to express and discover new Digital Talents.

So here’s your chance!

If you have made an animated short with 2D/3D animation and VFX in the last 2 years, that is from 2012 to 2013, we are interested in receiving your work.

Just fill the entry form and send it to VIEW Awards 2013.

And Good Luck: you may become the winner of this year’s VIEW AWARD!

Here’s the list of the 2013 VIEW AWARD categories:

Best Short
This award will honor an outstanding short movie created with 2D, 3D digital animation, or live footage with the integration of digital visual effects. Motion Capture Data can optionally be utilized for the animation. Entries will be judged based on the criteria of Technical Excellence, Originality, Creativity, Design and Aesthetics. The duration cannot be more than 30 minutes.
Best Design
This award will honor the best environment created with digital techniques: it can be entirely 3D or a mix of 2D/3D graphics and digital matte painting techniques. It may depict an interior or an exterior environment. 3D modeling, rendering and digital painting can be created with any 2D, 3D or digital painting software. The environment must be complete with surface appearance, painted or textured. Entries will be judged based on the criteria for Technical Excellence, Originality, Creativity, Aesthetics and Architectural Value of the piece.
Best Character
This award will honor the best digital character created for an animated short film or for a videogame. The character may be produced with any software used for 2D or 3D graphics. Entries will be judged based on rendering images of the character and on the criteria for Technical Excellence, Originality, Creativity, Aesthetics and Character’s Personality.
Best Digital Visual Effects
This award will honor the best Digital Visual Effects sequence used in a CG animated or live-action short film. The VFX may be created with any software used for 3D graphics and compositing. Entries will be judged based on the criteria for Technical Excellence, Originality, Creativity and Coherence with the narrative structure of the short.

Rules and Regulations

  • All entries must have been completed from 2012 to 2013 to be eligible
  • Duration: maximum length is 30 minutes
  • Both individual and group projects are accepted
  • All entries should be submitted on DVD
  • Video: PAL 16/9
  • Audio: MPEG2 Stereo
  • and be ready for screening
  • N.B. Submitted media will not be returned
  • VIEW AWARD GAME: all platforms and formats are accepted
  • Submitted work must be accompanied by some Hi-Res screenshots of your project and an Hi-Res photo of the director
  • Submitted work must be accompanied by a completed entry form, containing original signature of the person entering VIEW AWARD competition
  • All entries must provide written authorization for any copyrighted material included in the work
  • All entries must be received by September 15, 2013
  • Winners will receive prizes in cash, technology and paid internships
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