Videonale 13

Festival for Contemporary Video Art

Videonale is an annual international festival and competition for art videos in Kunstmuseum Bonn, Germany, held since 1984.

Since its beginnings, the festival has constantly been altered. Apart from the competition, the Videonale presents a large exhibition of installation art and panel discussions on current topics in media art. Germany’s media academies and media centres and their contributions to the further development of media art are discussed.


The submission of a work requires the signed acceptance of the following rules and regulations!

  1. Works are submitted automatically to the Videonale exhibition and festival as well as the competition for the Videonale Prize.
    • Submission deadline is September 10 September 20, 2010 (postmark date).
    • Each artist can only submit one work for the competition.
  2. Videonale is held by Videonale e.V., an independent non-profit organization. The exhibition Videonale 13 will take place from April 14 to May 29, 2011 at Kunstmuseum Bonn.
  3. The selection committee, consisting of international critics, artists, and curators, will decide on the submissions accepted for participation at Videonale by the end of October 2010.
    1. Information about participation cannot be provided before this date. All participants will be informed by email of the results of the jury decision.
    2. The winner of the Videonale Prize will be selected by an international prize jury.
    3. The submitted works must not be more than two years old (produced after January 1, 2008).
    4. Works cannot be withdrawn from the competition after submission.
  4. The following materials have to be submitted to be accepted for the competition (only application including all materials can be accepted!):
    1. Complete submission form (including signature!)
    2. Two viewing copies of the submitted work in DVD format (No other formats are accepted!)
    3. Brief description of content
    4. Biography
    5. Date of first broadcast of submitted work
    6. Videography (list of festivals/exhibitions where the work has already been shown)
    7. Additional texts /Press releases (only if they contain useful information on the artist or his/her work!)
    8. The submitted work has to be in German or English OR has to contain German or English subtitles OR a transcription of the text in English or German has to be submitted along with the video work.
      • In case of selection for the Videonale 13 exhibition, the work has to be provided to Videonale with subtitles in German or English until latest February 28, 2011!
  5. Viewing copies and application are to be sent to the address below.
  6. Costs for submitting materials are to be paid by the submitter (Submissions with insufficient postage will not be accepted).

Submissions from abroad must read in German: Nur für kulturelle Zwecke – keine kommerzielle Nutzung. Empfänger ist Selbstverzoller. The value of the submission provided in the customs declaration or proforma invoice must be 0 Euros. In the event of accruing custom fees such fees shall be charged to the submitter. Submitted viewing copies will not be returned!

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