Videoholica 2014 - 7

VIDEOHOLICA International Video Art Festival in Varna, Bulgaria starts the new open call for video art submissions for its 7th edition.

The 7th VIDEOHOLICA will take place between 1st and 7th August 2014 in Varna, Bulgaria.

This year’s edition of VIDEOHOLICA will be accompanied by an international panel discussion on the issues and opportunities for alternative video art distribution and creating on-site archive of video art in Bulgaria.

The theme of VIDEOHOLICA 2014 is 7.

7 appears to be a hyper functional number featuring multiple typical symbolic and meaningful encumbrances. According to many, 7 is a sacred or primal number, a symbol of beginning and creation. Others define 7 as the golden mean between the first number 1 and the odd 13. According to some, 7 symbolizes the end or death, because it closes a series of various human phenomena in a cycle of 7, after which nothing happens. There are concepts, according to which 7 symbolizes harmony, connectivity and integrity bringing together 3 as a symbol of the intangible and ideological and 4 – as that of intangible. If in this irrational syncretism the disposition of 7 is also a base (beginning), medium, end, and all taken together, then the math is definitely funny and a hypothetical artistic study – very curious.

In its 7th year, VIDEOHOLICA recognizes 7 as its own existential performativity, but not to highlight its existing complex symbolism but to provoke new multidirectional thinking, associations and interpretations beyond the real potentiality of 7. What does 7 count for/ depict? What is more and what is less than 7? Is 7 enough? Where is the place of 7 in today’s multitudinous/ multifunctional world? With these and other questions we are searching for poetic, abstract, ironic, conditional, metaphoric and literal comments on the moving image, committed to decompose the audio-visual and conceptual matrix of the figure 7.

VIDEOHOLICA 2014 will be again composed of the sections: video art, short films and animation.

VIDEOHOLICA 2014 will award the following prizes:

  • First Prize – GOLDEN VIDEOHOLIC – €1000
  • Second Prize – SILVER VIDEOHOLIC
  • Award for young Bulgarian author – BG VIDEOHOLIC

The 6th VIDEOHOLICA has a submission fee of €15.

VIDEOHOLICA 2014 will accept both regular mail applications and online applications.

VIDEOHOLICA 2014 OPEN CALL will run until 1st June 2014 and all applications are very welcome.

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