Videoex 2010

Internationales Experimental Film & Video Festival Zurich Switzerland

VIDEOEX invites you to submit your work for the international & swiss competition.

We are looking for:

  • Experimental films (35mm / 16mm / 8mm)
  • Videos (experimental, videoart, essay…)
  • innovative animations
  • experimental digital & graphic productions (to be screened)
  • experimental documentaries & innovative music videos


  1. The purpose of the VIDEOEX festival is to promote video and experimental film works.
  2. Videoex 2010 will include an international and a swiss competition. The total price amount to CHF 4000.
  3. The festival will make a choice based on criteria of quality and originality in both form and content.
  4. The following screening formats are accepted for the competition:
    • 35mm, 16mm, 8mm films
    • Digibeta (PAL)
    • Beta SP (PAL/SECAM)
    • DV Cam (PAL/NTSC)
    • Mini DV (PAL/NTSC) / DVD
    • S-VHS (PAL only) / VHS (PAL/NTSC)
  5. Maximum duration is 50 min (exceptions may apply). No feature films will be accepted.
  6. Participants may submit a maximum of 3 works.
  7. To take part of the competition participants must submit a preview copy of their work.
  8. Each preview copy must be accompanied by a filled out entry form and the author’s video/filmography in German, French, Italian or English.
  9. All preview tapes will be sent at the expense and sole risk of the candidates, who hereby discharge the Videoex 2009 from any liability.
  10. Works being shown at the festival will be insured at the cost of the copy during the festival.
  11. Only works produced after 1st October 2008 are applicable.
  12. The entry implies full acceptance of the rules.
  13. Preview material will remain in the Videoex archive, if you wish to have the preview material returned, please send international postage stamps for the equivalent of 20 USD. The other works will remain in the Videoex archive.
  14. All entrants will be notified by 10th April 2010


Videoex Zurich Switzerland
Kanonengasse 20
CH-8004 Zurich
phone: +41 433220814
fax: +41 433220815

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