Video Pool Media Arts Centre 2008-2009

Video Pool Media Arts Centre
2008 / 2009 Call for Submissions

Theme: Resistance
Deadline: Friday, March 21, 2008

Resistance is a movement, a position, an attitude, and a measure. It is an individual or collective response. It can be political, or it can relate to physical properties of the known universe. It concerns citizens. It concerns artists. It concerns that which is local as well as that which is global. It is about forces, agency, strategy, play, and subversion. It is an argument. It seeks change, or it fights to stay the same. It mobilizes. It is unconscious. It is a side effect. It is intentional and affirmative.

Video Pool invites submissions pertaining to the theme Resistance for the 2008/09 programming season. We encourage projects involving:

  • New media
  • Experimental electronics
  • Installation (with media components)
  • Audio art
  • Curatorial packages (with media components)

VideoPool is particularly interested in projects that intervene in public space or otherwise make use of non-traditional exhibition settings.

Video Pool’s 2008/09 programming season will include two programs specifically focused on new media performance and single channel film and video that resist conventional thinking and/or assumptions about what constitute video and new media art practices, and possibly the environs within which they take are expected to place.

Submission Requirements:

Please note thatdue to funding requirements, primary consideration will be given to Canadian citizens.

All submissions must include:

  1. Artist/curator CV including current contact information (mailing address, telephone number, and e-mail address)
  2. A short description of the proposed project or video(s), including an outline of the critical and/or curatorial objectives of the work submitted
  3. Names of all participating artists
  4. Titles of all proposed projects/videos, as well as year of completion and city of origin
  5. Exhibition history of each project, including a description of contexts within which the work will be presented in the coming year
  6. A statement indicating if the artist(s)/curator(s) plan to be in attendance with the work and, if so, in what capacity they would expect to participate in the screening/exhibition
  7. Support material: Please do not send originals as Video Pool will not accept responsibility for the loss of, or damage to, any support material
    • Still images should be submitted on CD (maximum 20 images, .jpg preferred, please do not exceed 72 dpi or a resolution of 1024 × 768 pixels)
    • Video support material should be NTSC and submitted on VHS, DVD, or Mini DV
    • Audio support material should be submitted on CD
  8. Complete list of all audio, video, and images submitted
  9. Please include a SASE if you would like your support material returned

Video Pool is committed to reflecting cultural diversity in it’s programming and thereby encourages applications from artists and curators from all communities.

Video Pool encourages the submissions of projects that are already complete or near completion.

Fees are paid in accordance with the CARFAC rate scale.

Please direct enquiries to:

Milena Placentile, Programming Coordinator
204.949.9134 ext.1

Please send submissions to:

Programming Committee
c/o Video Pool Media Arts Centre

  1. - 100 Arthur St.
    Winnipeg, MB R3B 1H3 Canada

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