UdK Award for Interdisciplinary Art and Science


This competition aims to give artists (fine art, media, architecture, design, music, theatre, visual communication etc.) and/or scientists the impetus and opportunity to work on content in the field of tension between the arts or between the arts and sciences.

Berlin University of the Arts (UdK)

The UdK Berlin is one of the biggest, most traditional institutions of advanced artistic education in the world. It has the right to award doctorates and post-doctoral lecturing qualifications and offers more than 40 study courses covering the full spectrum of the arts and related academic fields. With its Colleges of Fine Art, Design, Music and Performing Arts and the Central Institute of Continuing Education it is one of the few centres of advanced art education in Germany with university status.

The Competition

Art and science are moving towards one another, discovering common issues and working methods. The creative, imaginative processes in the arts and sciences are similar, whereas the concrete realisation of their results tends to differ. Repeatedly, this difference is the source of productive tension and areas of friction. In all disciplines of the arts and sciences, further developments over recent decades have been characterised by mutual influences and efforts at differentiation. Today, traditional dividing lines between the spheres can no longer be maintained; they are being newly defined and presented in their permeability.

This competition aims to give the impetus and opportunity to artists (fine art, media, architecture, design, music, theatre, visual communication etc.) and scientists to work between the priorities of the arts or between the arts and science.


Individuals and groups are eligible to participate. Full-time employees of the UdK Berlin, as well as students of the UdK Berlin and other colleges/universities are excluded.


Period of submission: February 1st – March 1st, 2014
The jury will take place in May 2014 and the results be published online.


The prize will be awarded on a biennial basis and is endowed with 7,500 Euros.

The UdK Award 2012 has been awarded to Christina Agapakis/Sissel Tolaas (Irvine, USA/Berlin) for their work “BOD_BAC_CHE” and Alexander Negrelli (Berlin) for his work “Kommando Otl Aicher”.


The jury under the chairmanship of the President of the UdK Berlin consists of the Chair of the Commission for Artistic and Scientific Projects at the UdK Berlin, the Director of the Postgraduate School of the UdK Berlin, and four additional jurors who do not belong to the UdK Berlin in any way. The external jurors will be selected every two years, according to the rhythm of the competition, by the Commission for Artistic and Scientific Projects at the UdK Berlin and will be appointed by the President of the UdK Berlin. They should be two scientists and two artists who have shown outstanding achievements in their professional fields.

Contact partner

Universität der Künste Berlin
Communications and Marketing
Joachim Schwalbe
Postfach 120544
10595 Berlin / GERMANY

Fax: +49 (0) 30 3185 2821
E-mail: udk-preis@udk-berlin.de

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