from here to the imaginary and back again

Open Call for Submissions for art projects in Berlin’s Underground Network for 2011

NGBK calls for participatory and/or situation-specific ideas, visions, experiments and interventions which address the future meaning of “public” in Berlin’s public Underground Network.

The name U10 – from here to the imaginary and back again refers to a line on the Berlin Underground which was originally conceived in the 1930s but has never been finished.

Today it remains derelict, consisting of fragments of tunneling and abandoned, incompleted stations. During the Cold War, the then West Berlin-owned Underground Company (BVG) had to use part of the East Berlin-owned S1 line.

The BVG therefore started building the U10 line parallel to the S1 line in order to be completely independent of the East German regime. Three U10 stations were built but never completed because of the fall of the Berlin Wall. The U10 line&8217;s unknown existance (or non-existance) and its fantastical and historical qualities as a mystical place and a relic of divided Berlin offer the artists a number of points of approach.

There are many projects looking for participants. If you want to participate write to the e-mail address below.


Neue Gesellschaft für Bildende Kunst (NBGK)
U10 – from here to the imaginary and back again
Oranienstrasse 25
10999 Berlin
phone: 030-616-513-0
fax: 030-616-513-77

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