Triple Canopy - 2011 commissions program

Triple Canopy is pleased to announce its second annual call for proposals. We will be commissioning projects spanning the six areas outlined below – original research, new-media journalism, public programming, Internet-specific artwork and literature, and critical dialogues – to be published in the magazine and presented before live audiences between July 1, 2011, and June 30, 2012.

Triple Canopy staff will work closely and collaboratively with contributors as they develop their projects, a process that usually takes between three and six months. Recipients of commissions will be offered a modest honorarium of up to $500, depending on the scope of the project and the cost of its development, in addition to between twenty and thirty hours of work by editors, designers, and developers.

Research Work

Research Work was established to facilitate the creation of research projects that are produced outside academia, for a general audience; employ Internet-specific methods of presentation; and serve a public best reached by making the work available for free online.

Immaterial Literature

Immaterial Literature was established to facilitate the production of creative writing – fiction, poetry, prose – that engages other media (and artists), considers the particular formal qualities of the Web as a medium, and speaks to a diverse and widespread readership.

Internet as Material

Internet as Material was established to support emerging and midcareer artists who have never before made work specifically for the Web in the production of an online project. These projects further Triple Canopy’s mission by utilizing the Internet – which is too often understood as a channel for the transfer of information – as a medium for the development of artworks that actively engage readers and viewers.

Thinking Through Images

Thinking Through Images was established to foster conversations about images and videos of cultural, political, and social relevance, between artists, writers, researchers, and other engaged cultural practitioners working in different fields. The program aims to facilitate close readings of popular media and fine art – from nineteenth-century paintings to Internet memes to documentation of current events – that consider these cultural products in a common context.

New Media Reporting

New Media Reporting was established to provide journalists an outlet for – and provide them with the technical resources and expertise to realize – in-depth, critical reports executed in multiple media, with the goal of providing an immersive experience of stories and subjects.

New Programming

New Programming was established to support the development of exhibitions, panel discussions, performances, film screenings, and other public events that examine the intersection of culture, politics, and technology. It serves the general public by offering unique, low-cost educational experiences at community-based nonprofit spaces in the United States and elsewhere.

Triple Canopy is an online magazine, workspace, and platform for editorial and curatorial activities. Working collaboratively with writers, artists, and researchers, Triple Canopy facilitates projects that engage the Internet’s specific characteristics as a public forum and as a medium, one with its own evolving practices of reading and viewing, economies of attention, and modes of interaction. In doing so, Triple Canopy is charting an expanded field of publication, drawing on the history of print culture while acting as a hub for the exploration of emerging forms and the public spaces constituted around them. Triple Canopy is a nonprofit 501(c)3 organization.

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