Transitland EUROPA Commissioned Videos

Transitland EUROPA invites artists, filmmakers, documentarists, and activists from the 10 new EU member-states to submit proposals for producing new videos that creatively interpret the phenomenon of “transition.” A jury will select 10 proposals, each receiving an award of 3000 euro for production, including expenses and fee.

About Transitland EUROPA

Transitland EUROPA is a collaborative project between InterSpace ( in Bulgaria, D Media ( in Romania and Videoaktiv ( in Germany to create a video archive of 100 works spanning 20 years, starting from the fall of the Berlin wall. Since much of the history of the “new” European countries is being represented from the outside, this is an attempt to present a history from within. The archive will serve as a visual timeline of transition – from the shape of the revolutions, to the role of the media and consumerism, the various histories of privatisation, delocalisation, and migration, to the erasure of old borders and the creation of new ones.

90 older works (1989 to 2008) and 10 newly commissioned videos (2008) will be selected for the archive by a jury of co-organisers and external experts. The output of the project includes the production of archive jukeboxes and DVD compilations that will travel to different venues in Europe, a website and online version of the archive for international access, the production and distribution of a print publication and DVD insert, and a combination of screenings, exhibitions and conferences in Berlin (Feb 2009), Sofia (Mar 2009), and Bucharest (Apr 2009).
Transitland EUROPA is supported by the Culture 2007 Programme of the European Union.


Artists, filmmakers, documentarists, activists from Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary, Slovenia, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia are eligible.
There are no age restrictions.


Genres: Documentary, docu-fiction, experimental narrative, poetic monologue, or hybrid forms on the edge of documentary are welcome (fiction film and documentation of artistic performance are excluded).
Length: 15 – 45 minutes

Thematics for the videos

The proposed video should connect to the theme of Transitland EUROPA – transition in the former communist countries – preferably with a focus on the recent changes following last 2 accession rounds. It is possible, but not required, for the video to engage one of these subtopics:

  1. the meaning of communism and postcommunism and the significance of the revolutions
  2. new forms of activism and civic engagement, and the meaning of civil society
  3. the changing role of the mass-media, advertising and consumer culture
  4. markets and labour: privatisation, delocalisation, migration, precarity, social protections
  5. borders: disintegration of old unions, creation of new ones, territorial re-mappings, wars
  6. nationalisms: old & new forms of fascism, discrimination of ethnic minorities & human rights
  7. gender: commodification of sexuality, changing gender representations, inequality of labour


15 March 2008: deadline for submissions (postmark)
15 April 2008: announcement of selected participants
1 May 2008: first installment of award
1 October 2008: deadline for submitting final work
1 November 2008: second installment award
March 2009: participation in exhibition and artists presentations in Sofia

Terms of participation

The award of 3000 Euro (for production, inclusive of expenses and fee) will be transferred to selected participants in two rounds – 50% before production and the remaining 50% after receiving the completed work.
The videos produced in the frame of the project will become part of the archive of 100 works and will be presented in a series of screenings, exhibitions and conferences in Bulgaria (at the launch in Sofia and one follow up event), Romania (at the launch in Bucharest and Cluj and one follow up event) and Germany (at the launch in Berlin and one follow up event) in 2009. The authors of the commissioned videos are expected to participate in a screening at the launch in Sofia (4 days in March 2009, all expenses covered) and to make a presentation of their work.
In addition the videos will be included in the online archive on the project website ( and as a DVD insert in the print publication, which will include a compendium of all the videos in the archive (descriptions, still images and artists&8217; contact info), an introductory overview, 9 interviews with theorists, curators and artists, and 16 newly commissioned essays that examine transition and EU accession in a theoretical framework while also making specific references to videos in the archive.
The authors of the videos will receive no additional fee for the screenings and disseminations that are part of this project, but can request fees for any subsequent screenings by any other institution, in any other contexts. The Transitland EUROPA team will also do its best to promote the re-screening and re-dissemination of the works by other institutions and venues with additional screening fees going directly to authors.


The Transitland EUROPA team prefer the authors producing the commissioned videos to CopyLeft their works (permitting free access and dissemination as long as it is non-commercial – this would include internet, educational, research and non-profit use, but exclude use by festivals, museums, cinemas or other venues that charge entrance fees) or, alternatively, to use a Creative Commons license (an attribution, noncommercial, nonderivative license). In the event of objections, copyright can remain with the authors, as long as they agree that their videos are included in the screenings, website and publication connected to this project.

Submission guidelines

Proposals are submitted by completing the application form, down-loadable from the project website, with the following sections, which together should not exceed 3 pages:

  • detailed concept description (overall idea, format, montage, style, etc)
  • description and timeline of implementation
  • budget plan of how you use the 3000 euro commission (what part expenses, what part fee, etc)

Additional materials:

  • CV (up to 4 pages)
  • 2-3 samples of previous works -

You can send DVDs with full videos/films, or a selection of 5-10 minute excerpts in avi, mpeg, mov or ogg format. You may also send a portfolio of previous projects with texts and images (in pdf format). Materials will not be returned.

The signed application form should be sent by post along with the CV and samples of previous works to the address:

InterSpace Association
27 Benkovski str, entrance B, floor 1, ap. 18
1000 Sofia – Bulgaria

Deadline: 15 march 2008 (postmark)

For further information or questions about the application, contact:
tel: +359 2 983 48 43 (InterSpace)

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